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Name Title Phone Email Office Department
Rainen Wade Student Affairs Specialist/Recruiter +1 706-754-7793 rainen.wade
Clegg Student Affairs
Shirley Walker Instructor +1 706-779-8140 shirley.walker
Currahee Practical Nursing
Ida-Lynn Wallace Financial Aid Specialist +1 706-439-6339 iwallace
Blairsville 124 Financial Aid
Shelby Ward Academic Dean +1 706-754-7781 sward
Clegg 132B Adult Education
Lori Way Adjunct Instructor lori.way
Clarkesville General Education
Isadora Weir Clinical Adjunct
Clarkesville Associate of Nursing
Barbara Wheatley Instructor +1 706-439-6343 bwheatley
Blairsville Cosmetology
Autumn Whitworth Adjunct Instructor awhitworth
Lee Arrendale Adult Education
Jeffrey Wilbanks Horticulture Instructor +1 706-754-7822 jeffrey.wilbanks
Parker-Nellis Academic Affairs
Jamey Wilkes Director of Library Services +1 706-754-7841 jwilkes
Carlton Academic Affairs
Lydia Wilkinson Program Director/Instructor lwilkinson
Rubye Franklin 107 Clinical Laboratory Technology
Michael Willard Public Speaking Adjunct Instructor michael.willard
Currahee General Education
Johnnie Williams HVAC Technician +1 706-754-7805 jwilliams
Grey Barn Facilities & Maintenance
Kallan Williams Director of Admissions +1 706-754-7724 kwilliams
Clegg Student Affairs
Mona Williams Instructor +1 706-439-6338 mona.williams
Blairsville Business Technology
Michelle Wilson Adjunct Instructor michelle.wilson
First Baptist Church Cornelia Adult Education
Deneen Winkler Payrol/Benefits Technician +1 706-754-7847 dwinkler
Mobley Human Resources
Michelle Wood ASN Sim Lab/Clinical Coordinator +1 706-754-7741 michelle.wood
Rubye Franklin Associate of Science in Nursing
Mark Wood CTD Professional Lab Assistant mark.wood
Clarkesville Commerical Truck Driving
Robert Wunderlich Custodian robert.wunderlich
Blairsville Facilities and Maintenance