The North Georgia Technical College Foundation provided financial assistance to 246 students for the Fall 2016 semester by bridging the gap between financial resources they have and the funds they need to graduate and go to work. The Foundation uses the generous donations from community members, businesses, organizations and individuals to invest in our students, giving them the tools they need to thrive at NGTC and in the workforce. Over 30 named scholarships were awarded to students from the Clarkesville, Blairsville and Currahee campuses.

In addition to providing over $60,000 in scholarships this semester, the NGTC Foundation also facilitated a lending library to assist students in obtaining required textbooks.

“We have the flexibility to help so many students in the way they specifically need because people are so generous,” says Cynthia Brown, NGTC Director of Institutional Advancement. “We are not asking people just to give money, we are asking them to make an investment in the life of another human being.”

Scholarship recipients must have documented financial need in order to be eligible for assistance. The gifts donated to the foundation make it possible for more students to attend and complete college so they are better prepared to enter their chosen profession.

Since 2009, the North Georgia Technical College Foundation has helped over 2,800 students with financial assistance for tuition, fees, required program equipment or lending library books totaling $712,000. They have also made GED testing scholarships available to over 700 students at a cost of $63,000. It is only from generous donations that the Foundation is able to help so many students achieve their dream of graduating college.

To learn more about making a tax-deductible gift to the Foundation, contact Cynthia Brown, NGTC Director of Institutional Advancement at 706-754-7714 or by e-mail at If you are interested in graduating college and gaining the skills to start your dream career, please call 706-754-7700 or visit for more information about NGTC.