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COVID-19 update (3/27/20):

Governor Brian Kemp issued an Executive Order yesterday stating "all TCSG colleges will remain closed for in-person instruction with limited exceptions through the rest of the Spring 2020 semester." We now will extend our online classroom instruction to the end of the semester which was previously announced yesterday as May 7. 

However, there are some limited exceptions noted by the Governor where in-person instruction may be allowed, and currently, our goal is to apply for these exceptions for our students needing lab hours. Modifications for the number of people gathered at a time in a lab is obviously one of the major hurdles we are trying to work through with the state. As soon as we have details regarding how this will work in each of our labs, our instructors will communicate that information with you. We, again, thank you for your patience as we work through numerous scenarios and make decisions that keep your best interest, academic success and well being as our top priorities. 

The college’s originally scheduled graduation will be postponed to a later date to be determined.


Students Named to NGTC President’s List and Honor Roll for Fall Semester 2019

North Georgia Technical College recently announced students named to the President’s List and Honor Roll for fall semester 2019. The President’s List recognizes full-time students with a 4.0 GPA. The Honor Roll recognizes full-time students with a 3.5 GPA. Full-time students are those taking at least 12 credit hours with no developmental courses.

Students named to the President’s List by county include:

William Redding, Alto, Culinary Arts

Lauren Abernathy, Lula, Business Management

Norman Manders, Commerce, Air Conditioning

Dana Banister, Commerce, Early Childhood Care and Education

Rip Sanders, Homer, Electrical Lineworker

Nicholas Joransen, Commerce, Culinary Arts

Kayelee Bjornestad, Saint Marys, Cosmetology

Kheenen Miller, Summerville, Electrical Lineworker

Tyler Morgan, Athens, Electrical Lineworker

Morgan Helmeci, Marietta, Criminal Justice

Onyebuchi Elegede, Marietta, Clinical Lab Technology

Jacob Bragg, Dawsonville, Electrical Lineworker

Courtney Thompson, Blue Ridge, Criminal Justice

Andrew Born, Blue Ridge, Electrical Lineworker

Tristan Wilson, Morganton, Electrical Lineworker

Danielle Hurd, Mccaysville, Cosmetology

Tori Welch, McCaysville, Early Childhood Care & Education

Nicole Reed, Blue Ridge, Medical Assisting

Caeley Tredeau, Mineral Bluff, Early Childhood Care & Education

Lily Davenport, Morganton, Technical Specialist

Hannah Ridley, Morganton, Institutionally Accepted

Patricia Gilliam, Morganton, Business Management

Paige Patton, Morganton, Shampoo Technician

Sydney Cruse, Morganton, Medical Assisting

Jeffery Kennedy, Gainesville, Electrical Lineworker

Grant Barlow, Cumming, Networking Specialist

Chatham Brooks, Cumming, Air Conditioning

Jessica Ryder, Cumming, Automotive Technology

Cody Lathan, Lavonia, CNC Technology

Monica Hardy, Carnesville, Early Childhood Care & Education

Liberty Roberts, Carnesville, Business Management

Alexx Coxx, Lavonia, Business Management

Jalen Barrera, Royston, Culinary Arts

Kennie Woolwine, Royston, Early Childhood Care & Education

Brianna Ford, Carnesville, Business Management

Kristin Partin, Carnesville, Clinical Lab Technology

Nelida-Teresa Salinas, Martin, Shampoo Technician

Michael Ruff, Lavonia, Business Management

Kassadie Deal, Lavonia, Medical Assisting

Randy Sheets, Lavonia, Business Management

Trey Easter, Royston, Air Conditioning

Samantha Bisbing, Lavonia, Accounting

Austin Eaton, Canon, Networking Specialist

Daniel Schroeder, Johns Creek, Networking Specialist

Christine Kennedy, Cherrylog, Cosmetology

Olivia Desmond, Ellijay, Business Management

Dylan Greeson, Calhoun, Electrical Lineworker

Crystal Rush, Snellville, Clinical Lab Technology

Hannah Wakefield, Suwanee, Photography

Heath Masters, Lawrenceville, Applied Technical Management

Bhaviniben Solanky, Lawrenceville, Clinical Lab Technology

David Anderson, Mount Airy, Networking Specialist

Zach Buckindail, Demorest, Electrical Lineworker

Sarah Dailey, Clarkesville, Environmental Technology

Samantha Cash, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing

Anthony Iacobucci, Clarkesville, Technical Specialist

Mason Allison, Mount Airy, Engineering Technology

Jon Del Nero, Clarkesville, Accounting

Sidney Ross, Demorest, Electrical Lineworker

Conan Watt, Clarkesville, Interdisciplinary Studies

Matthew Woertz, Mount Airy, Air Conditioning

Edward Loudermilk, Mount Airy, Air Conditioning

Baily Abercrombie, Clarkesville, Interdisciplinary Studies

Erik Zaragoza, Alto, Air Conditioning

Maranda McGaha, Alto, Environmental Technology

Kristina Crosby, Cornelia, Culinary Arts

James Cory Kimbrell, Mount Airy, Networking Specialist

Chaselin Allen, Clarkesville, Web App Development

Michael Guerrero, Mount Airy, EMS Professions

Jobana Campos-Bravo, Alto, Cosmetology

Laine Pritchett, Baldwin, Networking Specialist

Caelan Whitfield, Demorest, Auto Refinishing

Jennifer Kempey, Cornelia, Interdisciplinary Studies

Shane Hill, Baldwin, Environmental Technology

Mark Conover, Baldwin, Air Conditioning

Kayla Sipes, Demorest, Interdisciplinary Studies

Nicholas Whitener, Clarkesville, Auto Refinishing

Salvador Huerta, Alto, Networking Specialist

Laura Wiley, Cornelia, Photography

Phyllis Standridge, Lula, Paramedicine

Jonah Cain, Murrayville, Clinical Lab Technology

Joseph Godfrey, Flowery Branch, Electrical Lineworker

Brittany Rivers, Gainesville, Clinical Lab Technology

Marcia Conde, Clermont, Culinary Arts

Jenifer Ramirez, Lula, Air Conditioning

Kristy Rodriguez, Oakwood, Clinical Lab Technology

Brooke Nicholson, Clermont, Pharmacy Technology

Matthew Estell, Gainesville, Air Conditioning

Jonathan Peppers, Clermont, Business Management

Justin Dutton, Hartwell, Culinary Arts

Laura Hicks, Bonaire, Environmental Technology

Stephen Page, Jefferson, Electrical Lineworker

Angela Hooker, Maysville, Shampoo Technician

Warren Dotson, Shady Dale, Electrical Lineworker

Samuel Miller, Monticello, Electrical Lineworker

William Witcher, Dahlonega, Electrical Lineworker

Rhona Hendrix, Murphy, Medical Assisting

McClain Allgood, Social Circle, Electrical Lineworker

Hannah Jones, Rockmart, Photography

Jacob Benson, Dallas, Electrical Lineworker

Samantha Fricks, Clayton, Environmental Technology

Andrew Fountain, Rabun Gap, PC Repair & Network Technology

Casey Yarnall, Lakemont, Practical Nursing

Kelly Yasterzemski, Dillard, Business Technology

David Bartlett, Lakemont, Air Conditioning

Zackary Canady, Graniteville, Electrical Lineworker

Alyssa Pritchett, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education

Jessica Zirkle, Toccoa, Business Management

Jangel Santana, Martin, CNC Technology

Sean Wilson, Martin, Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Brittany Westmoreland, Toccoa, Business Management

Michael Cash, Toccoa, Criminal Justice

Austin Thompson, Eastanollee, Automotive Technology

Matthew Moore, Toccoa, Paramedicine

Ruth Mendez Sosa, Toccoa, Clinical Lab Technology

Javen Richie, Martin, CNC Technology

Hannah Murphy, Eastanollee, Criminal Justice

Rebecca Carrillo, Toccoa, Shampoo Technician

Cort Cawthon, Martin, Business Management

Ryan McCollum, Toccoa, Business Management

Jeremy Bohannon, Toccoa, Web App Development

Rilee Powell, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education

Nelida Rivera-Salinas, Martin, Networking Specialist

Jacqueline Johnson, Toccoa, Environmental Technology

Dalton Loudermilk, Toccoa, Engineering Technology

Carrie Lancaster, Toccoa, Criminal Justice

Jared Carswell, Toccoa, Business Technology

John Bullard, Toccoa, Business Management

Demetria Gober, Martin, Business Management

Jordan Tilton, Toccoa, Air Conditioning

Ariel Scott, Eastanollee, Clinical Lab Technology

Georgia Milton, Toccoa, Electrical Construction Program Administration

Deitra Gray, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education

Karli Cobb, Toccoa, Health Care Assistant

Joshua Clayton, Toccoa, Air Conditioning

Heather Wells, Copperhill, Medical Front Office

Audrey Justice, Young Harris, Engineering Technology

Daniel Royster, Young Harris, Business Management

Marina Zhurkov, Young Harris, Pharmacy Technology

Jordan Hyatt, Hiawassee, Criminal Justice

Caleb Lynn, Young Harris, Institutionally Accepted

Courtney Dickerson, Hiawassee, Paramedicine

Elijah Dills, Young Harris, Business Management

Harley Harger, Young Harris, Culinary Arts

Jonathan Barrett, Hiawassee, Air Conditioning

Carrie Dockery, Blairsville, Cosmetology

Michelle Rodgers, Blairsville, Medical Assisting

Trevor Bradley, Blairsville, Electrical Lineworker

Andrea Friesen, Suches, Technical Specialist

Mark Brendle, Blairsville, Criminal Justice

Deana Kellermier, Blairsville, Medical Assisting

Michael Kiernan, Blairsville, Air Conditioning

Sean Rea, Blairsville, Air Conditioning

Kerry McPherson, Cleveland, Automotive Technology

Alexis Furnas, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education

Amber Donaldson, Cleveland, Electrical Construction Program Administration

Jonathan Williams, Cleveland, Air Conditioning

Martin Pittman, Cleveland, Heating & Air Conditioning

Holden Thomas, Cleveland, Welding

Laura Demers-Aiello, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education

Janna Harris, Cleveland, Practical Nursing

Alexa Protsman, Cleveland, Clinical Lab Technology

Candace Trammell, Cleveland, Business Management

Jancedyn Terry, Cleveland, Air Conditioning

Cassidy Nix, Cleveland, Modern Agriculture

Winnfred Martin, Cleveland, Business Management

Allison Patterson, Hiawassee, Early Childhood Care & Education

Students named to the Honor Roll by county include:

Jacob Lehotsky, Homer, Engineering Technology

Kelan Dalton, Alto, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology

Marshall Reiser, Baldwin, Human Resources Management

Tristan Pritchett, Maysville, Electrical Systems Technology

William Carver, Lula, Environmental Technology

Drake Vickery, Commerce, Engineering Technology

Rufus Evans, Maysville, Heating & Air Conditioning Technology

Maria Alcaraz, Baldwin, Early Childhood Care and Education

Whitney Sheridan, Lula, Early Childhood Care and Education

Halley Trotter, Homer, Business Management

Madison Bailey, Evans, Cosmetology

Theresa Nix, McCaysville, Medical Assisting

Evan Catron, Blue Ridge, Electrical Lineworker

Holly Sawyer, Blue Ridge, Medical Assisting

Emily Green, Mineral Bluff, Interdisciplinary Studies

Brittany Beavers, Morganton, Practical Nursing

Angelina Young, Blue Ridge, Accounting

Kathleen Courtney, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing

Morgan Larkin, Morganton, Shampoo Technician

Makenzie Cox, Blue Ridge, Shampoo Technician

Ryan Wilkins, Cumming, Automotive Technology Dipl

Forsyth, Brooke, Ames, Gainesville, Photography AAS

Christina Garcia, Lavonia, Interdisciplinary Studies

Jennifer Bassett, Carnesville, Early Childhood Care and Education

Myeia Mayfield, Lavonia, Business Management

Anna Thompson, Carnesville, Cosmetology

Taylor Edwards, Royston, Cosmetology

John Lane, Lavonia, Technical Specialist

Faith Morgan, Canon, Early Childhood Care and Education

Charley Thomason, Martin, Pharmacy Technology

Garrett Hart, Carnesville, Agribusiness

Hannah Reeves, Toccoa, Business Management

Wendy Goldsmith, Royston, Practical Nursing

Levi LaPrairie, Ellijay, Paramedicine

Ann Hye, Ellijay, Criminal Justice

Hailey Walker, Lilburn, Early Childhood Care and Education

Phillip Simpson, Mount Airy, Criminal Justice

Noah Ivester, Clarkesville, Criminal Justice

Kenneth Moon, Clarkesville, Business Technology

Kassidy Wood, Mount Airy, Business Technology

Sierra MacLachlan, Clarkesville, Clinical Lab Technology

Carlin Fricks, Mount Airy, Networking Specialist

Ollie Walker, Mount Airy, Photography

Jose Lopez, Demorest, Automotive Technology

Jaden Freeman, Cornelia, Shampoo Technician

Amber Corley, Alto, Business Management

William Allen, Mount Airy, Auto Refinishing

Hunter Tyler, Clarkesville, Engineering Technology

Victor Ramirez, Cornelia, Air Conditioning Technology

Nathanial Dawe, Cornelia, Electrical Systems

Tamara Gober, Cornelia, Health Care Assistant

Jordan White, Clarkesville, Business Management

Sarah Hubley, Cornelia, Interdisciplinary Studies

Elizabeth Anderson, Demorest, Medical Assisting

Cory Dodd, Cornelia, Web Application Development

Cameron Eckert, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning

Gina Canup, Clarkesville, Pharmacy Technology

Taylor Perry, Mount Airy, Business Management

Humberto Talavera, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning

Clara Loudermilk, Mount Airy, Early Childhood Care and Education

Justin McClain, Clarkesville, Modern Agriculture

Justin Fordyce, Demorest, Networking Specialist

Merry Bolinder, Demorest, Medical Assisting

Luz Sierra Flores, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care and Education

Pyper Holloway, Mount Airy, Health Care Assistant

Evan Shirley, Clarkesville, Commercial Truck Driving

Petrona Pascual, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care and Education

Isabel Gonzalez Moreno, Alto, Early Childhood Care and Education

Marlena Cookson, Cornelia, Photography

Makaylee Stiles, Clarkesville, Interdisciplinary Studies

Daniel Hicks, Murrayville, Air Conditioning

Joshua Chapman, Gainesville, Business Management

Anthony Day, Clermont, Air Conditioning

Cade Wilson, Murrayville, Air Conditioning

Carrie Wild, Hartwell, Photography

Jake Billingsley, Scaly Mountain, Electrical Systems

Sara Passmore, Danielsville, Business Management

Kevin Beshears, Covington, Electrical Lineworker

Taylor Calafiore, Tiger, Interdisciplinary Studies

William Cannon, Dillard, Accounting AAS

Kasey Conner, Clayton, Interdisciplinary Studies AAS

Kelsie Billingsley, Rabun Gap, Practical Nursing

Alvertano Santos, Clayton, Networking Specialist

Donavan Garrison, Lakemont, Air Conditioning

Annette Balderas-Nunez, Mountain City, Photography

Emma Owens, Tiger, Interdisciplinary Studies

Tiffany Beale, Rabun Gap, Culinary Arts

Ethan Scott, Clayton, Interdisciplinary Studies

Joseph Gipson, Clayton, Criminal Justice Tech

Miranda Jennings, Inman, Photography

Chase, Toccoa, Networking Specialist

Kaylee Adams, Toccoa, Shampoo Technician

Kathleen Delee, Toccoa, Culinary Arts

Hunter Mathews, Eastanollee, Automotive Technology

Katlyne Martin, Toccoa, Culinary Arts

Andrea Jones, Toccoa, Accounting

McCall Wheeler, Eastanollee, Medical Assisting

Sydney Malek, Toccoa, Interdisciplinary Studies A

Hailey Turner, Toccoa, Business Technology

Kristin Allbright, Martin, Criminal Justice

Bailey Dobbs, Toccoa, Business Technology

Hannah Pulliam, Toccoa, Cosmetology

Katherine Meyhoefer, Toccoa, Business Management

Dalton Conn, Toccoa, Automotive Technology

Nysheka Arthur, Toccoa, Practical Nursing

Samuel Adams, Toccoa, Networking Specialist

Bristol Carter, Toccoa, Interdisciplinary Studies

Addie Black, Toccoa, Practical Nursing

Amy Johnson, Toccoa, Practical Nursing

Andrew Williams, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Hannah Hieb, Toccoa, Interdisciplinary Studies

Megan Lunsford, Toccoa, Medical Coding

Rebecca Starnes, Copperhill, Accounting

Jacob Mathis, Young Harris, Paramedicine

Kaylea Parker, Young Harris, Cosmetology

Noah Clemons, Hiawassee, Air Conditioning Tech

Brett Denton, Hiawassee, Air Conditioning Tech

Mandilyn Moore, Young Harris, Early Childhood Care and Education

Kimberly Rosendale, Young Harris, Practical Nursing

Victoria Caldwell, Young Harris, Business Technology

Kolby Rogers, Hiawassee, Welding

Jessica Ledford, Blairsville, Business Management

Zachary Gilliam, Blairsville, Accounting

Alyssa Idlett, Blairsville, Cosmetology

Sarabeth Ogburn, Blairsville, Business Management

Rose Mason, Blairsville, Medical Assisting

Regina Jordan, Blairsville, Practical Nursing

Mary Atkins, Blairsville, Early Childhood Care and Education

Andrew Collins, Blairsville, Welding

Ashley, Mora, Blairsville, Practical Nursing

Katie Carter, Blairsville, Interdisciplinary Studies

Natalie Teague, Blairsville, Criminal Justice

Fox Philo, Blairsville, Welding

Tyler Gilliam, Blairsville, Business Technology

Emma Davis, Blairsville, Cosmetology

Jessica Blackwell, Blairsville, Business Management

Alex DeVivo, Blairsville, Paramedicine

Huston Morris, Loganville, Engineering Technology

Nolan Webster, Cleveland, Business Management

Sheila Berry, Helen, Networking Specialist

Ariel Strickland-Moody, Cleveland, CompTIA A+ Cert. Prep. Cert

Coleman Collins, Cleveland, Automotive Technology

Ashley Sewell, Cleveland, Accounting

Ethan Blocker, Cleveland, Welding

Emily Wheeler, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care and Education

Erica Wills, Helen, EMS

Daniel Almond, Cleveland, Web App Development

Jenna Middleton, Cleveland, Medical Assisting

Kimberly Terry, Cleveland, Accounting

Summer Galloway, Cleveland, Criminal Justice

Kyleigh Johnson, Cleveland, Criminal Justice

Peyton Robinson, Cleveland, Automotive Technology

Ashley Panzica, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care and Education

Caleb Nix, Cleveland, Agribusiness

Isaac Owens, Cleveland, Welding

Carson Finley, Cleveland, Accounting

Caylee Pierce, Cleveland, Interdisciplinary Studies

Jovani Gonzalez, Cleveland, Welding

Sarah Rogers, Cleveland, Cosmetology

Eli Stanley, McIntyre, Photography