NGTC Foundation Announces New Fulbright Industrial Systems Technology Scholarship


The North Georgia Technical College Foundation announces a new scholarship, named for NGTC alumni Adam Fulbright, to assist a student in the Industrial Systems Technology (IST) Program.


The $250 annual Fulbright Industrial Systems Technology Scholarship will begin fall 2017. Students wishing to apply must be enrolled in the NGTC IST Program, demonstrate legitimate financial need, provide an essay outlining financial need and career goals, receive a recommendation from an instructor, counselor or employer and have completed two semesters in the IST Program with a GPA of 3.25 or above. Applications are available in the NGTC Foundation Office by calling Cynthia Brown at 706-754-7714 or emailing


“I remember struggling financially in college, but I always found a way to make it – I knew it would be worth it in the end,” said Fulbright. “I wanted to help ease the burden in a small way. Paying for even a semester’s worth of text books could mean a huge difference and reduce the stress of a student determined to graduate.” Fulbright was a student at North Georgia Tech and graduated with his IST Diploma in 2013. He now works in the field at Pharma Tech.


For more information about the NGTC Foundation, please call 706-754-7714. If you would like more information about the IST Program or any other programs offered at North Georgia Technical College, please call 706-754-7700.