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Buddy Cheek, Jana Haley Cheek, Jinx Haley, Robert Haley and NGTC President Dr. Mark Ivester




(from left) Buddy Cheek, Jana Haley Cheek, Jinx Haley, Robert Haley and NGTC President Dr. Mark Ivester.




Haley Family Continues Legacy at NGTC With Scholarship for Students

North Georgia Technical College recently received a donation to begin the Haley Family Scholarship in honor of the Haley family and their legacy at North Georgia Tech. Jana Haley Cheek and husband, Buddy, from Toccoa gave the endowment because of the close ties her family shares with the school.  

“We established the scholarship because NGTC has meant so much to my family for almost 50 years,” says Cheek. “The college was, and continues to be, a place where people can obtain an excellent education and still feel like they are part of a big family.”  

The Haley’s moved to Clarkesville in 1969, so Jana’s father, Robert Haley, could begin working at NGTC as a guidance counselor. Over the years he went on to become Dean of Students and held many other titles over his 30-year career. Jana’s mother, Jinx Haley, spent time as a GED instructor at NGTC before beginning her career as an educator, teaching in Habersham County. During her time at North Habersham Junior High, Habersham Central High School and Piedmont College, she encouraged many students to continue their education at North Georgia Tech.  

“My siblings and I basically grew up on campus,” says Cheek. “We ate countless meals in the dining hall, attended basketball games, took swimming lessons, visited classrooms where we got our hair cut or shoes repaired, and got off the bus at the college while mom was in class.”  

Cheek’s sister, Donna Haley, began her career in medicine after completing her Lab Technology degree at NGTC. During her time there she was a Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) winner and continued her education at the University of Georgia and medical school at Emory University. Robbie Haley, Cheek’s brother, became a Georgia State Trooper and spent his career as a dedicated public servant. Cheek followed in her mother’s footsteps and has recently retired from a career as a high school science teacher at Stephens County High School and administrator at Liberty Elementary. She now serves on the NGTC Foundation Board of Trustees.  

“We are very pleased to be able to establish a scholarship to honor a family of educators and public servants who have been a part of the school for nearly 50 of its 75-year existence. Our hope is that others will add to the principle of the scholarship over the years so that many future students will be able to complete their education and leave the campus of NGTC with confidence and pride,” says Cheek.  

“Our college is very appreciative of the Haley Family Scholarship, which will provide additional resources for students as they acquire valuable skills to earn a livable wage and contribute to our local area,” says NGTC president Dr. Mark Ivester. “The encouragement, support and dedication the Haley family has provided to NGTC throughout the years has been felt by students, faculty and staff alike and we are proud to have them as members of our community here at the college.”  

The NGTC Foundation will use the Haley family gift to fund a general scholarship to any student with a documented financial need. The student will be required to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA, provide an essay outlining financial need and career goals and be recommended by an instructor, counselor or employer. One student will be chosen to receive the first scholarship from this endowment for Spring 2019. For more information about scholarship opportunities at North Georgia Technical College, call 706-754-7714 or email