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All new students attending North Georgia Technical College will receive an email account. Keep in mind that your student email account will be the main form of communication between you as a student and North Georgia Technical College. Please remember to check in regularly!

All students, whether new or returning, will need to log in to their new email. Your new email will be in the following format:


Step 1 - Accessing Your Email Account

To access your student email account, follow these directions:

  • Visit: Office 365 Student Email
    • You can also find the link on the website. Under the heading Current Students, choose Student Email from Quick Links
  • Sign in to Office 365
    • Enter your NGTC student email address in the first box
  • Your email address was included in your acceptance letter
  • Your initial password is included in your acceptance letter
  • Enter this initial password and you will be signed in

Step 2 - Multi-Factor Authentication

Upon initial sign-in, you will be prompted to enter your phone number as a means of verification. Your number will not be used for anything other than sign-in authentication.

You will also be given another option to set up the Microsoft Authenticator app which can be found on your phone’s app store. It is strongly recommended to use this as a backup method. It requires no cellular or internet service to verify once configured on your smart device. For more information please see the link below:

You have now activated your new North Georgia Technical College email address!

Technical Support

For further assistance or issues, please contact Technical Support:

Include in your email the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your NGTC Student ID#
  3. Your NGTC email address
  4. Your birth date MMDDYY