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  • Caricature Artists

    Caricature Artists

    Because of the recent missed days due to inclement weather, SpringFest will not be held this week. All classes on Wednesday, March 4, will be held according to schedule, and there will be some additional activities on each campus. Click the pic!

  • Martha Clarke Campbell Scholarship

    Martha Clarke Campbell Scholarship

    The NGTC Foundation is currently accepting applications for the Martha Clarke Campbell Scholarship. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT ALL PAPERWORK IS MONDAY, MARCH 9, 2015. No late applications can be accepted. Click the pic for more information.

  • Practical Nursing Informational Sessions

    Practical Nursing Informational Sessions

    There will be an Informational session on February 9 in Currahee at 5:00 PM for students interested in entering the Practical Nursing program in the Fall of 2015. Click the pic for more info!

  • Proctored Exams, March 2

    Proctored Exams, March 2

    Online students: Please be reminded that proctored exams will be held Monday, March 2, from 10:AM-8:00PM. Please check with your online instructor for more information on proctored exams for your class.

  • PSB Exam - March 3

    PSB Exam - March 3

    For students interested in entering the Practical Nursing Program, there is a PSB Exam scheduled on the Currahee Campus on Tuesday, March 3. Click the pic to see the calendar for more info!

  • RESCHEDULED: ASN Informational Session 3/3

    RESCHEDULED: ASN Informational Session 3/3

    Anyone interested in applying for the Fall 2015 Associate of Science in Nursing cohort should attend an informational session. The next one is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, from 4:00PM-5:00 PM in the Clarkesville Campus Dining Hall Annex.

  • Transfer Fair!

    Transfer Fair!

    You're already off to a great start. Now plan your next move! Speak to representatives from institutions where NGTC credits transfer. Click the pic for more info!