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Protecting the pack with Care – Aware – Respect – Encourage

NGTC seeks to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for our students and staff.  To ensure the ongoing safety of our campuses, NGTC has designated a team of staff to respond to concerns about mental health or dangerous behaviors.  This team, called PackCARE, coordinates a variety of resources for students and staff in need of assistance, including those with mental health issues, dangerous or distressing behaviors, relationship problems, substance use and addiction, and other concerns.

Anyone in the NGTC community who observes an emergency or behavior that is dangerous or severe should contact 911 immediately.

Dangerous or severe behavior includes any incident where a person is demonstrating an imminent or direct threat to self or others, for example, a suicide threat or plans for a suicide attempt, or a direct threat to others including actions or remarks about actual or planned physical violence or harm, sexual assault, or property vandalism.

Faculty, staff, and students who are concerned about behavior that is disturbing, disruptive or distressed but does not pose an imminent danger should complete a PackCARE Incident Report Form.  Once the report is received, the PackCARE team will develop an appropriate response plan.  The response will be based on the nature of the behavior, the severity of the risk, and the needs of the person.


If you want to know more about PackCARE, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone at 706-754-7803 or email us at

What is PackCARE?

An introduction video to PackCARE

Do you have a concern about the well-being or safety of someone in the NGTC community?  Let the PackCARE team know how we can help.

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