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NGTC Career Services

Employment Services

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Career Services staff assist students in:

  • Exploring a full range of career and work possibilities that match their career goals
  • Preparing job-search competencies and tools to present themselves effectively as candidates for employment
  • Obtaining information on employment opportunities and prospective employers
  • Connecting with employers through campus interviews, job listings, referrals, networking, publications, and information technology
  • Anticipating career management issues relevant to the individual, e.g., dual careers, gender, sexual preference, disabilities, etc.
  • Career services staff develop and maintain relationships with employers that provide career development and employment opportunities for students.

Career Development Services

The ultimate objective of occupational training is to put people to work. It is not enough to teach a person a gainful skill; North Georgia Technical College also offers assistance to that person in finding suitable employment. Thus, supplementary to the training program at North Georgia Tech, there is a job placement and follow-up program. The Director of Career Services coordinates this function. While every effort is made to make students employable and to aid students in securing employment for which they were trained, the ultimate responsibility for finding a job rests with the student.

Career Services at North Georgia Tech include job referrals, job-seeking skills, career counseling, and follow-up activities that aim at improving the quality of education at NGTC. Some of the objectives are:

  • To identify student’s needs, interests, and job proficiencies
  • To provide materials for career guidance
  • To assist students in making meaningful employment choices
  • To assist students in selecting additional preparation and/or education
  • To work with school staff in ensuring that students receive Interpersonal Relations and Professional Development training
  • To gain awareness of the job market and locate potential employers
  • …and much much more!

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Contact Information:

Daniel Gregg
Director of Career Development and Disability Services
North Georgia Technical College
P.O. Box 65
Clarkesville, Georgia 30523
(706) 754-7728
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