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President's Message

Welcome to North Georgia Technical College! We are excited about the prospect of serving you, whether you are entering college directly from high school, returning to college to finish your degree, preparing yourself for a career change, or laying the foundation for advanced degrees. At North Georgia Tech, we pride ourselves in offering you a pathway to your career goals; and I am confident that we can help you arrive at your chosen destination.

In this Catalog/Student Handbook you will find information on the programs we offer, the services that are available, and the resources in place to help you succeed. You will also find information on opportunities for you to become involved in the college and develop the leadership and soft skills so desired by business and industry.

NGTC President

Your success is at the heart of our mission and is a driving force in all that we do for you. Every student counts at North Georgia Tech. Our focus, every day, is on each student. And in every student we see a graduate ready to meet his or her career goal.

So, on behalf of all of us at NGTC, thank you for choosing us. We look forward to working with you as you journey down your pathway to a rewarding future.

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Dr. Gail Thaxton