• Introduction

    Dr. Gail Thaxton welcomes students from all three campuses to open discussions held in the morning and afternoon on Monday, October 8, 2012. During these presentations, she touched on changes to the Hope Grant and Scholarship funds, additional information on federal student loans, tips for using BannerWeb and e-mail, notes on the upcoming Advisement period, and a recap of the recent tuition increase.

  • HOPE Changes

    Dr. Gail Thaxton walks students through the financial aid process and how that process has been affected by recent changes to the Hope program. This segment focuses on three main issues: the new GPA requirements, GPA checkpoints at the 30 and 60 credit hour threshold, and the cap on credit hours covered by Hope programs.

  • Federal Student Loans

    In an address to students, Dr. Thaxton walks through the “big picture” of applying for a federal loan and gives some tips and techniques for making sure you have the funds when you need them for college.

  • BannerWeb

    In the October 8 address to students, Dr. Gail Thaxton covers some of the important information available to student through BannerWeb.

  • Advisement and Communication

    For the upcoming advisement period, Dr. Gail Thaxton gives students some tips and pointers for taking advantage of the upcoming registration period as well as navigating the financial aid information available. Students are particularly reminded that student e-mail (eaglespace accounts) is the primary source of information from the college and e-mail should be checked on a regular basis. Also, responding quickly to any requests for additional information for financial aid will help speed up the process of settling your account quickly.

  • Tuition Increase

    In August, the Technical College System of Georgia voted to raise tuition for all technical colleges beginning January 1, 2013 to $85/credit hour. Some additional fees were also added. Dr. Thaxton discusses the reasons as well as the implications.

  • Q&A General

    October 8, 2012, Question and Answer - General questions including:

    • Student comment on importance of responding to financial aid information requests
    • Reminder: When you do your taxes, renew your FAFSA at the same time
    • Reminder: When circumstances change, the advice strategy may be altered as well.
    • Reminder: The complexity of the financial aid process has greatly increased over the years – less control is at NGTC.

  • Q&A HOPE

    October 8, 2012, Question and Answer – Hope Grant and Hope Scholarship questions including:

    • What is the difference between the Hope Grant and the Hope Scholarship?
    • How does the Hope cap affect your financial aid if you complete one program and want to do another?
    • As a student, how do I track the 30/60 credit hour thresholds?
    • How does your Hope eligibility change when you go from diploma to degree?
    • What is the availability of Hope when moving from a diploma program to a degree program?
    • What is the cap for the Healthcare Science certificate?
    • How is the Hope cap affected by transferring from one institution to another?
    • Would you explain the new Hope eligibility rule about being out of school for 7 years?
  • Q&A PELL

    October 8, 2012, Question and Answer – Pell funds questions including:

    • Why are there courses that are not Pell eligible?
    • Is there a cap on Pell like there is on Hope?
    • Why are electives limited by program?
    • How are course credits determined?

  • NGTC Nugget #3 – NGTC’s QEP: Math Goals Promote Success (GPS)

    Math Goals Promote Success (GPS) is a transformation that is taking place across our NGTC campuses.  It impacts all students.  Some students will receive immediate benefit because of the completely redesigned way our learning support classes are taught.  Others now have access to greater resources when completing program-level math courses.

  • NGTC Nugget #2 – The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

    The QEP is an important component of the accreditation process.  This segment explores the research and planning that went into identifying math success as the topic for NGTC’s Quality Enhancement Plan.

  • NGTC Nugget #1 - Welcome and COC Visit

    Welcome to NGTC Nuggets, and thanks for “clicking in”!  We plan to do these segments throughout the year to inform you and to provide information about issues and events that will help make your experience at North Georgia Technical College more successful.  The topic for this nugget is the upcoming Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges (COC) campus visit which will be October 2-4, 2012.