Activating 3N account

1.       Click on the link from the email you received concerning the NGTC emergency notification system. If you no longer have access to the email sent to you concerning Emergency Notifications, please contact Campus Police at

2.       Are you an existing member? First time through answer “NO”

3.       Create password. Must be numeric only and you will enter it twice

4.       Password reminder:

a.       Reminder question and answer

b.      Can change your email address if desired

5.       Create an Alias member ID. (This helps so you do not have to remember the log account number which is random) You may want to use your NGTC student id or Eaglespace account login

6.       Password for the alias is alpha and numeric

7.       Personal contact information (only first and last name are mandatory)

8.       Choose the method of notification

a.       What do you mean by emergency and standard?  

                                                               i.      An "emergency" is an urgent situation in which you will need to dispense critical information as soon as possible. Examples of emergencies include severe weather, natural disasters, or domestic terrorism.   A "non-emergency" is all other day-to-day situations. Examples of non-emergencies include meeting times and location changes.

Line Callout 2: 1 means this will be used first, 2 means this will be used second, etc.  to deliver this message3ncontactpaths.JPG


9.       Click finish

10.   Print verification for your records and keep in a safe place