V. F. Satisfactory Academic Progress


In compliance with federal and state regulations, North Georgia Technical College has a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy that measures how students are performing academically in their program of study to remain eligible for financial aid assistance.

All students receiving financial and must maintain satisfactory qualitative and quantitative progress in accordance with the statements listed below. Progress will be reviewed each semester.

Grades of W and WP are not used in calculating a student's GPA but are counted as credit hours attempted. WF is counted as an F. If a course is repeated, all hours attempted will be counted for purposes of the 67% completion rate and maximum time frame requirements; and all grades except for IP will be used in calculating the minimum GPA of 2.0. The IP will be considered the next semester when a grade is inserted.

A grade report is available to the student at the end of each semester on the Internet. Progress reports may be issued upon request. Any discrepancy or question concerning the course grade should be presented to the instructor in writing within the first two weeks of the following semester.

Satisfactory academic progress for transfer students for the first semester enrolled will be assessed based on previous  transcripts. After the first semester, only the student's academic record at the current school will be evaluated. However, transfer records are considered when measuring the maximum time of 150%

A student will be notified in writing by the Financial Aid office if he/she is in violation of the standards of satisfactory progress and of the termination of the Title IV funds and/or state funds.

This satisfactory academic progress policy is effective beginning the 2011-2012 academic year and supersedes any previous regulation.

Financial Aid Appeal Procedures

Students have the right to appeal the denial of financial aid if they feel that they have extenuating circumstances which prevent them from making satisfactory progress. This appeal must be made in writing to the Vice President for Student Affairs within 10 calendar days of notification of the suspension of financial aid. A decision concerning reinstatement of financial aid will be communicated to the student in writing via mail or email. The decision of the Vice President for Student Affairs shall be final.

All financial aid appeals are recorded in the student complaint log, which is maintained by the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The complaint log is reviewed annually by the Vice President in order to identify trends and address recurring problems. The Vice President discusses his or her findings with the Executive Team, which includes the President and all Vice Presidents. If trends are identified, the Executive Team develops action plans to address the problems. The appropriate Vice President is responsible for insuring continuous compliance of any procedure or policy change.


CROSS REF.:    SBTCSG Policy V.F.                         

Adopted: August 28, 2001

Revised and Approved: September 9, 2011, July 2012
Code: 04-06-02