V. B. 2. Assessment

Assessment and Testing

If required as a part of the admission process, students who have not taken the SAT, ACT, ASSET, or COMPASS within the last five years will be scheduled to take the state-approved placement test.

Prior to taking the placement test at NGTC, prospective students must submit an application for admission and obtain an admittance ticket. The student must present an admittance ticket and a picture ID to the test proctor on the testing date. Students who do not meet minimum program entrance scores will be scheduled for the necessary learning support courses.

Upon presentation of appropriate documentation of disability, provisions will be made for the assessment of a student with disabilities who need special assistance and consideration.

Students who were admitted with a Provisional Admission status or those students changing programs where higher level entrance scores are required will be allowed the opportunity to retest on the COMPASS placement test.  A student eligible to sit for a retest on the COMPASS placement test can sit for the retest one time.  If a student plans to retest in more than one area, the student must take all sections needed in one testing session.  A non-refundable $15 retest fee will be assessed.

If the student is scheduled to take a learning support class because his/her placement test score was significantly below the minimum required score, it is in his/her best interest to take the class.  Once a student has begun remediation, he/she cannot retake the COMPASS/ASSET test.

CROSS REF.:    SBTCSG Policy V.B.2.                         


Adopted: August 3, 1989
Revised and Approved: July 29, 2003; January 1992; March 1995; July 22, 2003; September 9, 2011
Code:  05-02-13