V. Q. Student Activity Fund


The North Georgia Technical College Student Activity Fund is established for the sole purpose of providing resources for student-sponsored and College endorsed activities. Students enrolled solely in courses offered on-line may not be charged a student activity fee.

Appointment of Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) represents the student body at North Georgia Technical College approves the budget for the Student Activity Fund Account. Students participating in the SLC are recommended by instructors from their respective program of study.  A maximum of two students from a program are allowed to vote on items presented to the council.  One experienced faculty/staff advisor shall be assigned to the Student Activity Fund Committee. The faculty/staff advisor shall serve ex-officio without vote.

Organization of Council

Council members shall elect from their numbers a President, Vice President, and Secretary and other parliamentarian officers as deemed appropriate. Officers shall be elected annually serving for a term of one year.  Positions which become vacant may be filled at the next scheduled meeting for the remainder of the original term.

Meetings of Council

The committee shall meet not less than once during the term or more often as the council decides. The College administration shall present a proposed budget to the council on an annual basis for their review and approval.  The budget is approved with a majority vote of the members present for the meeting.  The budget may be amended by majority vote of the members present provided there is a quorum.  The annual budget and any amendments shall be made know the President or their designee.

Minutes of Meetings

The Secretary/Treasurer shall record the business of the committee in such detail as to indicate those members present and any actions taken by the committee. The minutes shall be made a permanent record of the council and retained on file for three years. Minutes of meetings shall be available for review.


Minutes shall be signed by the secretary/treasurer and the faculty/staff advisor of the committee.

Use of Student Activity Funds

The SLC shall approve expenditures from the Student Activity Fund that were not identified in the budget approval process. The council may, at its discretion, provide for any after-the-fact approval of expenditure, in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  Such requests should be include the documented approval by the council at the next scheduled meeting.

Without attempting to provide an exhaustive list of purposes for which Student Activity Funds may be used, it is the intent of the College that these funds are used for the benefit of students, and to a limited extent, the enhancement of the institution, and thus the students, as determined by the SLC. Typical expenditures from the Student Activity Fund may include:

1) Expenses for students to attend or participate in local, state, regional or national meetings, competition, or other such functions of student organizations.

2) Student-sponsored activities such as tech days, field days, cook-outs, or other student-sponsored functions.

3) Expenses associated with the award of a plaque, testimonial or resolution, or other token to be awarded to officers of student organizations, students who have distinguished themselves, deserving faculty or staff, private individuals or public officials who perform a service, contribute or otherwise donate time or expertise such as those who volunteer to serve on committees or provide technical assistance; serve as resource persons to a class; serve as mentors or tutors; volunteer speakers for sponsored events or commencement exercises, or other services as approved by the Student Activity Fund Committee.

4) Donations to social or charitable organizations for items such as flood relief.

Student Activity Funds may not be transferred to a Technical College's foundation.

Sources of Students Activity Funds

In addition to revenue received from the assessment of student activity fees, the President may elect to include receipts from vending machine commissions in the Student Activities Fund account. If these types of funds are deposited in the Student Activities Fund account, their use will be subject to the approval of the committee.

The President may elect to include miscellaneous fees such as student insurance and graduation with the Student Activity fee. These funds, while carried in the Student Activity Fund account, do not require the approval of the committee to be expended by the administration.

Record Keeping

All activity of the Student Activity Fund account shall be recorded on the College’s accounting system.

Appropriate separation of authorized activities shall be maintained in the financial records to assure receipts and disbursements are readily identifiable by project objective.  Financial reports shall be provided to the SLC which show the status of expenditures.

Requests for disbursements shall require the approval of the faculty/staff advisor or College administrator.  Deposits shall be identified by project objective.


The President or their designee shall exercise oversight through the faculty/staff advisor to the SLC.  The President is authorized to disallow any budgeted or planned expenditure which, in his or her judgment, is not in the best interest of the students or the College or violates existing law or policy guidance.

The amount of student activity fee charged should approximate the amount required to meet needs as identified.  The President shall review year end balances and make appropriate requests to the State Board for any adjustment of the fee.

Credit Card

North Georgia Technical College Board of Directors authorizes the designated custodian of the Student Activity Fund to obtain and utilize  a credit card for purchase of tickets to events where only cash or credit cards are accepted.  (These events include off-campus sporting events, concerts, etc).



Adopted: February 8, 1995

Revised and Approved: September 14, 2011
Code: 0