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Contact your advisor for your mandatory new Registration Access Code each term.

  1. Log Into BannerWeb.
  2. Select Student Services -> Registration ->Add/Drop Classes.
  3. Choose the correct term from the dropdown box and click Submit.
  4. Enter your Registration Access Code and click Submit.
  5. Enter the CRN (course registration number0 for each class you would like to add.
  6. If you do not know the CRN, click Class Search at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Check the box to the left of the correct CRN and click Register.
  8. When registering for a course that has a lecture and lab component (for example BIOL 2113 and BIOL 2113L), enter both CRNs in the "Add Classes Worksheet" and then click Submit.
  9. If you need to drop a class, return to Add/Drop Classes. From the dropdown Action menu, choose Drop-Banner Web and click Submit Changes.
  10. When your schedule is correct, click Exit at the top right of the screen.