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What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a computerized degree audit program and academic advising tool designed to help you and advisors review progress of program requirements, prepare for registration, and plan for graduation.


What is a degree audit?

A Degree Works audit is an easy-to-read view of your requirements for your program of study. The audit is essentially a checklist of program requirements. Completed and in-progress courses are used to fill spots with the audit worksheet showing which requirements have been completed, which are in progress, and what course/requirements remain.


Who can use Degree Works?

Advisors and all currently enrolled students can use Degree Works.


When should I look at my degree audit?

A degree audit can be reviewed at any time but it is recommended to do so at least four times a semester:

  • Before you meet with your advisor to register for classes for the next semester.

  • After registration to ensure courses apply to program requirements.

  • After grades for each semester are posted.

  • Any time changes are made to your record.


What are the benefits of using Degree Works?

Degree Works will help:

Determine what requirements need to be completed for your program.

Learn the prerequisites and corequisites for courses by clicking on the course number.

Review which courses you have taken or transferred, and which ones count as electives.

View transfer credits and exemptions.

Estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate.

See how your coursework could be applied toward another program major using the “What If” option


How do I access Degree Works?

Degree Works can be accessed by going to your BannerWeb account and will be located under Student Records.


Can I register for classes in Degree Works?

No, Degree Works is a snapshot of courses in progress, planned, and in your academic history. Registration and drop/add are still handled through BannerWeb.


Are my grades visible in Degree Works?

Yes, once grades have been recorded at the end of the semester, they are viewable in Degree Works.


What if information in Degree Works isn’t up to date?

The information in Degree Works is refreshed each night. Any changes made today (e.g., grade change, program change, or schedule changes) will be seen in Degree Works the next day.


What should I do if I believe my academic information is incorrect?

You should consult your academic advisor for a review of your audit.


Why isn’t my transfer work meeting a requirement?

The course did not meet either the minimum number of credits and or minimum grade requirement for your program of study, or all the requirements have been met and this course is simply not needed.


Is Degree Works the same as my transcript?

No, Degree Works is an unofficial audit of coursework, as well as an outline of program requirements.


If all of the boxes are checked, does this mean I am graduating?

Not necessarily. If you have applied to graduate, the Registrar’s Office will perform a final audit after all final grades have been submitted to determine if you are eligible to graduate. Missing requirements will be communicated to you via email.


How do I know if you received my graduation application?

Graduation application status is listed under "Graduation Status" on your audit. If the Status is “Sought” for any major you have completed one term in but not completed the program requirements.  Once you submit a graduation application the Registrar’s Office changes the status to “Pending” when you have passed the initial graduation audit. “Awarded” means you have graduated from a program. Date Received contains the graduation date for “Pending” or “Awarded” programs.


What is the “What If” function?

The “What If” audit function allows you to hypothetically change your major. The “What If” audit will show you what coursework is required for the new major, what courses you have taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left for you to take. Please note, “What If” audits are unofficial and do not guarantee that you will be able to major in a selected major.  If you decide to change your major, you should visit the advisor for your intended major and then submit a Change of Program form to Admissions.


Can my advisor see my “What If” audit?

Since a “What If” audit is not stored in Degree Works, your advisor can only see your results if the two of you work through a “What If” procedure together.


Why am I receiving an error when I run a “What If” function?

The “What If” tool requires that you make a selection in the “Major” field. Failure to select a major will result in an error.


What is “Plans”?

Degree Works “Plans” provides access to the grad plan - an individualized lay out of the recommended sequence of coursework to fulfill program requirements. Grad plans are created with your academic advisor during advisement. Please note, “Plans” are unofficial roadmaps and are not binding. However, they are a useful tool for course sequencing to assist you in graduating as soon as possible.


Who should I contact if I still have questions?

Your academic advisor is your primary contact for questions concerning your program of study, course selections, change of major, academic achievement and degree requirements.


If you have problems running your audit or receive an error, please send details of your error to Degree Works Help at from your student email.

Important Note:

DegreeWorks is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions. It is neither an official academic transcript nor an official notification of degree requirements and should not be treated as such.