High School Student (Dual Enrolled)

Students 16 or older can take college classes while still in high school.  Most students earn college and high school credit for courses taken at NGTC.  These classes help fulfill graduation requirements at the student’s high school. 

Dual Credit (college and high school credits)

  • Accel Program – Students receive college and high school credit for academic core classes taken at NGTC.  Examples include college algebra, English composition, and world history.
  • Dual Enrollment – Students receive college and high school credit for technical classes.  Examples include cosmetology, health care, and welding.
  • Move On When Ready (MOWR) – High school Juniors or Seniors take all classes at NGTC while earning credit toward high school graduation. Student is full-time enrolled at NGTC but may still participate in high school sports activities.  For current information about new legislation, click here.

Other programs

Joint enrollment – Students receive college credit only for technical OR academic courses taken at NGTC.  Classes are NOT used for high school credit.

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Have you chosen your career?

You must choose a career path before applying.

Programs of Study

Complete Your Application

  1. Download the Application For Admission / Readmission Form for Dual Credit Students (PDF)
  2. Return completed, signed application to the NGTC High School Coordinator (Do not pay the application fee).
    • Scan: Email as attachment to: emiller@northgatech.edu,
    • or Fax: 706.754.7777, attention: Eric Miller,
    • or Mail: Eric Miller, North Georgia Technical College, PO Box 65, Clarkesville, GA 30523
  3. Submit an official high school or GED transcript and official transcripts from all colleges previously attended.
  4. Take a placement test or submit valid test scores from a previous test (SAT, ACT, COMPASS, or ASSET).

Residency Documentation

Residency documentation to qualify for in-state tuition. Be sure to fully and accurately answer all residency questions on the application. Additional Proof of Georgia Residency may also be required if you are seeking in-state tuition.

Provide Current High School Transcript

Submit official, sealed high school transcripts or official GED scores. Please note that opened transcripts are not considered official and therefore are invalid.

If you have attended secondary or post-secodary schools outside the United States, you must have those transcripts translated and evaluated by an approved outside organization. NGTC accepts transcripts evaluated by


Home School Students

Submit a Declaration of Intent to Utilize a Home Study Program: This letter verifies your home school attendance paperwork is up-to-date.

Submit COMPASS Placement Test Scores to the Admissions Office

WHAT is the COMPASS Placement Test?

North Georgia Technical College uses COMPASS placement tests to identify academic skills and needs.  These tests include sections on reading comprehension, writing skills, and basic math. Elementary Algebra is required for some programs.  COMPASS placement tests are taken on a computer; they are un-timed and testers may use the calculator provided by North Georgia Technical College or the calculator that is on the computer available to COMPASS testers.

Nervous about taking the COMPASS Placement Exam?  We have Resources!

CLICK HERE to see the COMPASS Placement Exam resources

Apply for Financial Aid

Complete either the Accel or HOPE Grant application, not both


  1. Go to www.gacollege411.org
  2. Click Accel Program under shortcuts
  3. Locate link to online Accel Program Application
  4. Complete information and submit

Dual HOPE Grant

  1. Go to www.gacollege411.org
  2. Open the “Financial Aid Planning” tab
  3. Under the “Georgia's HOPE Program” heading, click HOPE Grant
  4. Select online “GSFAPPS application”
  5. Complete form and submit

Submit the required items to the Admissions Office at the campus where you wish to attend classes:

Clarkesville or Currahee Campus
Attn: Admissions Office
P.O. Box 65
Clarkesville, GA 30523
Phone: (706) 754-7700
Fax: (706) 754-7777

Blairsville Campus
Attn: Admissions Office
121 Meeks Avenue
Blairsville, GA 30512
Phone: (706) 439-6300
Fax: (706) 439-6301

I’m Finished! What’s Next?

Once you have completed these steps and submitted all required documents, you will receive
an acceptance letter in the mail. You can check the progress of your application on BannerWeb.
Check Progress