Intramural Sports

A program of intramural sports is provided for all students wishing to participate in basketball, billiards, cornhole, disc golf, dodgeball, flag football, foosball, noodle basketball, soccer, table tennis, volleyball and other sports.

Each of the departments in the institution may provide a team for campus cup competition making competition keen as each team seeks to capture the institution championship. Specific sports vary throughout the year and for each campus. Watch this space for updates!

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Spring 2017 Intramurals Schedule

Date Intramural Time Location Campus
1/17/17-1/26/17 Co-Rec Basketball 5 on 5 4:00 PM Gym Clarkesville
1/30/17-2/2/17 Region Basketball Try-Outs 4:00 PM Gym Clarkesville
3/3/17-3/5/17 Region Basketball Tournament (GA Tech) TBA Student Center Clarkesville
3/6/17-3/16/17 Softball 4:00 PM Softball Field Clarkesville
3/9/17 Ping Pong Tournament 7:00 PM Student Center Clarkesville
3/23/17 Spike Ball 7:00 PM Student Center Clarkesville
4/17/17-4/27-17 Disc Golf 6:00 PM Student Center Clarkesville
4/20/17 2K Tournament 6:00 PM Student Center Clarkesville