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Marketing Management

Set pace on a journey into the vibrant and growing world of marketing. The Marketing Management certificate program prepares students for the dynamic world of promoting, developing, and delivering products to satisfy customer and client needs. Graduates of the program gain practical marketing skills and knowledge to enter a rewarding marketing career and drive business success.

Marketing Specialist TCC: The marketing specialist program prepares individuals to execute a company’s marketing plans.

Social Media Specialist TCC: The marketing specialist program prepares individuals to execute a company’s marketing plans.

Social Media Marketing TCC: Social media marketing centers on efforts to create content on the Internet that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social network. This technical certificate of credit program explores the environment and current trends of social media as it relates to marketing functions. Topics include: history of the Internet and social media, social media dashboards, legal issues of social media, outsourcing vs. in-house administration, and the current social media ecosystem including applications in the following areas: communication, collaboration/authority building, multimedia, reviews and opinions, and entertainment. Social media marketing is an extremely popular platform because it is easily accessible to anyone with Internet access. Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.

Small Business Marketing Manager TCC: This program prepares individuals to develop and manage independent small businesses. Included are courses in marketing, management, selling, promotion, and business regulations.

Credentials You Can Earn


  • Marketing Specialist TCC
  • Social Media Specialist TCC
  • Social Medial Marketing TCC
  • Small Business Marketing Manager TCC

Career Opportunities

Students completing the program may choose career paths in:

Small Business Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Marketing Content Coordinator

Social Media Specialist

Digital Marketer

Event promoter

Additional career options can be researched on the following site(s):

Meet the Faculty

Photo of Kristi Harding Kristi Harding Business Management Program Director / Instructor 706-754-7892

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