Where Do I Start?

Individuals requesting admission to North Georgia Technical College generally fall into one of the four categories listed below.  To learn more about the process you must follow, click on the “Apply” button beside the category that best describes you.

Admissions Office

If you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions office at the campus you wish to attend:

Clarkesville or Currahee Campus:
(706) 754-7700

Blairsville Campus:
(706) 439-6300

I'm A

New or Transfer Student

I'm A

High School Dual Enrollment Student

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Returning Student

I'm a

Transient Student

When to apply?

Not sure where you fit?

If you have not found a category that applies to your situation or you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions office at the campus you wish to attend:

Clarkesville or Currahee Campus: (706) 754-7700
Blairsville Campus: (706) 439-6300

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to apply?

  • Submit an Application for Admission/Readmission.
  • Pay a one-time $25 application fee.
  • Fully and accurately answer all the residency questions on the application and provide a certified birth certificate (or other information) to prove lawful presence in the US if seeking in-state tuition.
  • Submit official, sealed high school/GED transcripts. Opened transcripts are not official and are invalid.
  • Submit official, sealed transcript from ALL colleges attended. Opened transcripts are not official and are invalid.
  • Take the Accuplacer Placement Test or submit valid ACT or SAT scores (applicants must have a valid picture ID to test). Transfer students with appropriate English and math courses may not be required to test.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or HOPE Scholarship/Grant application. The FAFSA is the application for both the Federal Pell Grant AND the HOPE Scholarship/Grant. The application is available online at Visit our website at for additional information. THE SCHOOL CODE FOR NORTH GEORGIA TECH IS 005619.

Do I have to request my transcripts be sent to your school, or will you do that for me?

You are responsible for making the transcript request to your former school. We do have transcript request forms available if you would like to use them.

Can you tell me before I take the time to apply and request transcripts if my courses from my former college will transfer to your school?

Typically, core courses taken at previous colleges that are accredited by an agency that TCSG will allow us to accept will transfer as long as the student made a C or better. Occupational courses taken within the last 60 months will also more than likely transfer as long as a student made a C or better. However, we cannot give definite answers about the transfer of credit without actually seeing the official transcript.

Do I have to get my high school transcript since I went to another college?

Yes. Students must provide official high school transcripts unless they have successfully completed a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.

Do I have to get a transcript from my other college when I know nothing from there will transfer to my program at North Georgia Tech?

Yes. North Georgia Tech requires an official, sealed transcript from all colleges attended.

Do I have to pay for an official GED transcript from Atlanta even though I earned my GED at your school?

Yes. You must request that an official GED transcript be sent to our school. We can allow you to start classes with an unofficial GED transcript, but a hold will be placed on your records until we receive your official transcript.

I attended an online high school (or college). Will you take my diploma or credits?**

It depends. NGTC is allowed to accept high school diplomas and GED’s awarded through schools who are accredited by one of the following agencies:

  • Regional accrediting agencies which include:
    • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
    • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
    • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools/Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
    • Northwest Accreditation Commission
    • Western Association of Schools and Colleges
    • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • Georgia Accrediting Commission
  • Georgia Association of Christian Schools
  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • Georgia Private School Accreditation Council
  • Accrediting Commission for Independent Study (note: ACIS merged with the Georgia Accrediting Commission in 2005)
  • Southern Association of Independent Schools
  • Florida Council of Independent Schools
  • South Carolina Independent School Association
  • Texas Private School Accreditation Commission
  • Distance Education Training Council
  • TCSG will accept a high school diploma from a public school that is not accredited by one of the above agencies but is regulated by a school system and state department of education.

The name of the accrediting agency must match exactly one of the agencies above. Many accrediting agencies have similar names, but we are only allowed to accept the ones listed above.

What happens if I don’t pass the Accuplacer Test? Does that mean I can’t come to school next semester?

Accuplacer is a placement exam and is used to determine your strengths in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math, and Algebra. If you do not make the required Accuplacer scores to enter your program, you may be required to perform Short Term Remediation through our Student Success Center, take a Learning Support class, or do some refresher work in our Adult Education Department. Rarely does the Accuplacer exam completely exclude a student from enrolling in classes at NGTC.

My acceptance letter says that I’m coded “out-of-state,” but I’ve lived here my whole life. What can I do to be coded “in-state”?

You may review the requirements to be coded “in-state” here – Residency Policy

I was a student at NGTC before, so do I still have to prove my lawful presence in the US?

Unfortunately, yes. Students who have had a break of enrollment since January 2012 must come in under the new law, and therefore must prove residency using one of the items listed above.

How much does it cost to attend NGTC?

A Tuition and Fee Sheet can be found on the NGTC website under Tuition and Fees.

What kind of Financial Aid programs are offered at your college?

NGTC offers the HOPE Grant, the HOPE Scholarship, the PELL Grant, the Nelnet Payment Plan, Federal Direct Student Loans, and WIA. To find out more information about these programs, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 706-754-7700, or visit our website at

How much financial aid will I get? How soon after I start do I get a check?

These questions will need to be addressed to the Financial Aid Office since this differs for every student.

I have heard books are really expensive. How much will they cost, and do I have to pay for them?

The campus bookstore can give you information on the cost of the textbooks needed for your classes. Students who receive financial aid may be able to use a part of their award to pay for their textbooks.

Do I have to have a computer to do my work?

Having access to a computer is required in most programs. Each NGTC campus has computer labs and libraries with computers that students can use to complete their course assignments if they don’t have their own computers.


If you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions office at the campus you wish to attend:

Clarkesville or Currahee Campus:

(706) 754-7700

Blairsville Campus:

(706) 439-6300

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