Color Tours

Your 8th grade students are invited to take a half-day, behind-the-scenes Color Tour of the programs at North Georgia Technical College! Tours will be approximately 3.5 hours at the main Clarkesville campus. Each student’s tour will be “color- coded” to what they are already interested in. They’ll get a direct look at future career paths based on their interests. Your 8th graders will get a head start on thinking about their path in high school and beyond.

Choose your 8th Grade Color Tour date: 

Thursday, Sept. 5 | Friday, Sept. 20 | Wednesday, Oct. 2 | Tuesday, Oct. 15 | Monday, Oct. 21

Arrival Times: 9 AM, 9:30 AM or 10 AM

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Choose your preferred tour date and arrival time and register the total number of students. Final numbers for each color group will be due one week before your scheduled tour.

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Upcoming Dates


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle. There will be opportunities to refill those during the tours. Depending on the weather, you may also want to bring an umbrella or rain jacket.

Everyone is encouraged to dress appropriately based on the weather and according to your school’s policies. However, we recommend tennis shoes or other comfortable shoes as the tours involve walking around campus.

Building & Fixing Things (Blue), Everything Outdoors (Green) and Hands-On Tech (Orange) involve the most walking. However, you will stop for tours in between, so it is not continuous.

If you or a student with your group is unable to walk and/or needs assistance with touring campus, please notify Katie Johnson ( prior to your tour date. We are happy to make arrangements as needed.

Depending on how early your school arrives, we may ask you to remain on the bus for a few minutes as we do have other schools moving in and out of common areas. Once you have entered the building, we will provide time for restroom and/or water breaks and will fill the time accordingly. In an effort to respect our students and faculty, we will not begin tours prior to your scheduled start time.

If your school arrives a few minutes late, we will cut introductions and hype time/games short. However, any significant delays in arrival will result in shortened or lost tour time as we must be respectful of our faculty and students.

Lunch will not be provided by NGTC. However, if your school would like to bring lunches and use our facilities, that can be arranged. Please reach out to Katie Johnson to coordinate this.


To RSVP for your preferred Color Tour date, please do the following:

1. Select your preferred date below.

2. Fill out the initial RSVP form titled “Step One” and click “Submit”.

3. Once submitted, enter your number of students in the RSVP box titled “Step Two”. Make sure your name and email match across all forms.

4. Once submitted, select your preferred arrival time titled “Step Three”. 

Note: max of 400 students per tour date with 3 available arrival times. Spots are available on a first come, first served basis.  

Available Dates

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September 7, 2023
September 15, 2023
September 25, 2023


October 3, 2023


October 18, 2023
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