Student Orientation


Welcome to Orientation

North Georgia Technical College’s New Student Orientation is delivered online. Students have two options for completing the online orientation. They may complete it before New Student Registration Day and bring proof of completion to campus with them, or they may complete the orientation on campus in one of our on-campus computer labs. You will need to bring your confirmation letter with you when you meet with your advisor. Staff assistance will be available on all campuses on New Student Registration Day.

  1. Completing Orientation Online

    To avoid long lines and to get to your advisor quickly on registration day, we encourage you to complete orientation online before you come to campus. Please have your acceptance letter accessible while completing your orientation. You will need to use the student identification number located in your acceptance letter to complete your assessment.


  2. Completing Orientation Online in a Campus Computer Lab

    If you are unable to complete the orientation online on your own, we offer on-campus assistance the day of New Student Registration. Please check in with the Student Affairs Office at the campus of your choice for directions to one of our computer labs. Be sure to have your acceptance letter accessible while completing your orientation. You will need to use the student identification number located in your acceptance letter to complete your assessment.



Welcome to North Georgia Technical College! To navigate your way through the orientation, select from the “next” or “previous” page options located at the bottom of each page. You may also go directly to a page by selecting a section from the menu bar at the left. When you reach the end of the orientation, you will be directed to enter your student identification number, full name, and demographic information before beginning the final assessment.

Once you have completed and passed the final assessment, you will receive a confirmation page. Remember to bring your acceptance letter and your printed confirmation page with you to Advisement.

President's Message

It’s my honor to welcome you to North Georgia Technical College. Choosing our college for your educational needs and career goals is indicative of your desire to enter the workforce fully ready with skills to accelerate your success.

North Georgia Technical College is committed to assist you in your academic pursuit and career training. Our exceptional faculty and staff are here for all of your technical education, high school equivalency, continuing education or business and industry training needs. Our low tuition and outstanding student support are sure to reinforce your decision to attend our wonderful institution.

Located in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, North Georgia Technical College is proud to support our communities of Towns, Rabun, Stephens, White, Union, Franklin, Fannin and Habersham counties. Our business and industry partnerships help us provide our students with the best training and job opportunities for their particular trade or skill. We are thankful to have these relationships throughout our region and state, and we encourage all of our students to take full advantage of all the job opportunities they make possible.

We are proud to say our students are ready for the workforce upon graduation and that we have an outstanding job placement rate. We know you will feel confident when it’s your turn to receive your certificate, diploma or degree to enter the workforce and that you will be proud to have received your training at North Georgia Technical College.

Please let us know how we can better assist you at any time. We would love to hear from you. It is our pleasure to serve your educational needs.


John K. Wilkinson

President, North Georgia Technical College


Your acceptance letter contains some very important information about your enrollment at the college. Make a note of your student ID number because you will use this number on all forms and documents submitted to North Georgia Technical College. You can find the following information in your acceptance letter:

  • Student ID Number
  • Student Status
  • Advisor and Advisor Contact Information
  • Program of Study
  • Email and Email Instructions
  • Admit Status
  • Learning Support Requirements
  • Residency Status – Default is out-of-state, students must submit documentation or be charged double tuition rate

The Office of Admissions is available to assist with:

  • Acceptance into a program of study
  • Changing your program of study
  • Learning Support questions
  • Residency status questions
  • College Placement Exams
Contact Admissions

P: 706-754-7700

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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to eligible students enrolled at North Georgia Technical College. Contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance with the following:

  • Financial Aid eligibility
  • Assistance applying for state and federal aid programs
  • Effects of dropping courses on your Financial Aid awards
  • Work Study inquiries
  • Veteran’s Assistance – please call the local Veteran’s Affairs Office to determine your eligibility at 1-888-442-4551

There are several types of Financial Aid that can be used at NGTC:

  • Grants:
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • HOPE GED Grant
    • HOPE Grant
    • HOPE Grant (High School – Dual Credit)
    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
    • ZELL Miller Grant
    • HOPE Career Grant
  • High School / Dual Credit Options:
    • Move On When Ready
    • HOPE Grant
  • Scholarships:
    • HOPE Scholarship
    • ZELL Miller Scholarship
    • NGTC Foundation Scholarships
    • Private/Outside Scholarships
  • Loans:
    • Student Access Loan – Technical (SAL-T)
  • Other:
    • Federal Work-Study Program
    • WorkSource Georgia Mountains
    • Veterans Benefits
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Contact Financial Aid

Financial Aid Office



The Office of the Registrar can assist you with:

    • Registering and Dropping/Adding Courses
    • Requesting a North Georgia Technical College Transcript
    • Verifying your Enrollment Status
    • Transferring in Course Credit from other institutions
    • Requesting to be a Transient Student
    • Applying for Graduation
    • Applying for an Embedded Certificate or Diploma
    • Overriding Pre-Requisite Courses
    • Taking classes outside your Program of Study
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Career Services

Career Services assists students in:

  • Exploring a full range of career and work possibilities that match their career goals
  • Preparing job-search competencies and tools to present themselves effectively as candidates for employment
  • Obtaining information on employment opportunities and prospective employers
  • Connecting with employers through campus interviews, job listings, referrals, networking, publications, and information technology
  • Anticipating career management issues relevant to the individual, e.g., dual careers, gender, sexual preference, disabilities, etc.
  • Career services staff develop and maintain relationships with employers that provide career development and employment opportunities for students

The ultimate objective of occupational training is to put people to work. NGTC is committed to teaching students gainful skills and offering assistance for suitable employment. While every effort is made to make students employable and to aid students in securing employment for which they were trained, the ultimate responsibility for finding a job rests with the student.

Career Services at North Georgia Tech includes job referrals, job-seeking skills, career counseling, and follow-up activities that promote the quality of education received at NGTC. Some of the objectives are:

  • To identify student’s needs, interests, and job proficiencies
  • To provide materials for career guidance
  • To assist students in making meaningful employment choices
  • To assist students in selecting additional preparation and/or education
  • To work with school staff in ensuring that students receive Interpersonal Relations and Professional Development training

Career Planners are also available to work with potential and current students on career exploration to determine the best field for their interests and talents. Walk-ins are welcomed but appointments are preferred in order to give each person the quality time needed to discover the right educational path to meet their individual goals. To make an appointment with a Career Planner email or call P:706-754-7700.

Click Here for Employment Opportunities

Contact Career Services

Disability Support Services

Support services are offered to students with disabilities including, but not limited to, classroom and testing accommodations, adaptive equipment, assistance with the admissions process, career guidance and counseling, and referral to community service agencies. Students may apply for special services at any time but they are encouraged to apply as early in their program as possible. Appropriate documentation of disability is required.

Apply for Disability Services

Contact Disability Support Services

Special Populations and Retention Coordinator

Special Services

The Special Populations & Retention Coordinator provides counseling and assistance to students, including special populations students, to help them stay in college and reach their goals.

Students receive referrals for problems such as:

  • Domestic abuse, family conflict
  • Depression and other mental health issues
  • Assistance with books, rent, food, utilities and transportation

Which students qualify for services under Special Populations?

  • Students who have a disability
  • Single parents, displaced homemakers (divorced, separated, pregnant, widowed)
  • Any student who would like to receive counseling and referrals to resources
  • Any student who would like to participate in programs and activities
  • Students who are economically disadvantaged
  • Students who have limited English proficiency
  • Students enrolled in non-traditional programs (ex: a male student in the nursing program or a female in the welding program)
What Assistance is Available?
  • Referrals to community and college resources
  • HEROES provides participants with educational and informative presentations on topics such as: Workplace Ethics and Etiquette, Tax Tips for Single Parents, Dress for Success, Interview Skills, Test Taking and Study Skills, and more.
Contact Special Services

Special Populations & Retention Coordinator

Campus Life & Student Activities

North Georgia Technical College students participate in a variety of regional and state events, including the Georgia Occupational Award for Leadership (GOAL), SkillsUSA, Fall Leadership, Statewide Student Leadership, and Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) Student Career Days.

Students are able to participate in student activities such as flag football, soccer, rafting, snow tubing, swimming, tennis, trips to Six Flags and Braves games, and many more! NGTC offers membership in student organizations that include Student Leadership Council (SLC), Phi Beta Lamda (PBL), Rotaract, and HEROES.

The Clarkesville Campus Bryant Residence Hall provides affordable and convenient living options. Other Clarkesville campus amenities include a student center in the Carlton Building (game room, weight room, gaming systems, meeting room and check-out recreational equipment) swimming pool, gymnasium and tennis courts. Currahee and Blairsville campuses also have activities and equipment for students’ recreational use.

Contact Campus Life

Campus Life Director

Library Services

The library offers a variety of resources to students to assist them with their research needs. These include databases through Galileo (Georgia Library Learning Online), Films on Demand, Learning Express Library, and Credo Reference. The library also provides internet access, copiers, and printers, magazines and informational CD’s and software. Reference librarians are on hand to assist students with their research projects and can be contacted either by phone or email.

Contact Linda Johnston Library (Blairsville Campus)

Linda Johnston Library (Blairsville Campus)

Contact Clarkesville Library

Clarkesville Campus

Contact Currahee Library

Currahee Campus


Students on all three campuses may buy new or used textbooks and more from the campus bookstore. Visit the bookstore on your home campus or review purchase options online.

Visit the Online Bookstore

Pell Funds and other financial aid funds are available to use on the first day of each semester. Please keep in mind there is an advertised last day each semester to use your financial aid funds in the bookstore. The bookstore also has book buybacks at the end of each semester.

Beyond Books accepts all major credit cards. Make sure to bring your class schedule and Student ID card with you when you purchase your books.

Contact Blairsville Bookstore

Blairsville Beyond Books

  • P: 706-439-6310
Contact Clarkesville Bookstore

Clarkesville Beyond Books

  • P: 706-754-7708
Contact Currahee Bookstore

Currahee Beyond Books

  • P: 706-779-8142

Student Email

All new students attending North Georgia Technical College will receive an email account. Keep in mind that your student email account will be the main form of communication between you as a student and North Georgia Technical College. Please remember to check in regularly!

All students, whether new or returning, will need to log in to their new email. Your new email will be in the following format:


Step 1 – Setting up your Okta Account

Visit the Account Login Instructions guide for setting up your Okta Single Sign-on account, and return to the student orientation once complete.

  • Your email address was included in your acceptance letter
  • Your initial password is included in your acceptance letter
  • Enter this initial password and you will be signed in
Step 2 – Accessing your Student Email Account through Okta

Visit and log in to and visit the “O365 Mail” link on the dashboard.

You will be presented with prompts for additional information to finalize the setup of your student email account.

Technical Support

For further assistance or issues, please contact Technical Support:

Include in your email the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your NGTC Student ID#
  3. Your NGTC email address
  4. Your birth date MMDDYY

Online Courses

North Georgia Technical College offers a number of online courses to its students. Online courses provide students with course content and instruction while allowing students to overcome the barriers of time and geography.

Options for Online Learning:
  • Online: Online courses can be accessed at any time using devices with internet connectivity. Some online courses may require students to come to a NGTC campus to complete one or more proctored exams as directed by the instructor. Keep in mind, students who take online courses need strong study skills, time management skills, reading comprehension skills, and Internet access to be successful. Online students interact with the instructor and other students by using Blackboard, NGTC’s online learning environment. Students must demonstrate readiness before registering for an online class.

Take the Online Readiness Survey

  • Hybrid: As the name suggests, hybrid courses are taught partially online and partially in the classroom of the designated campus.
  • Web-Enhanced: Traditional classroom courses that also require use of the Internet are called web-enhanced. Students may use the Internet to interact with one another and the instructor, conduct research, complete/submit assignments, and/or to take exams.

Access to an online course will be available on the first scheduled day of class and students must log in to Blackboard and access all online courses on the first day. Though online courses may be accessed any time, students are still required to check in on a regular basis. The course syllabus will contain detailed information about attendance requirements and a timeline of assignments for that class.

Students’ email addresses provide the information needed to log in to Blackboard.

An example email:

The username for the example email listed above is ssmith
The Blackboard password is the same as the student’s NGTC email password.

Any student who does not know their email information can contact an administrator for help:

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Advisement and Registration

There are several opportunities for students to register for classes at North Georgia Technical College.

Returning Student Registration: During this scheduled period just after the midpoint of each term, current students meet with their advisor and register to avoid late fees and closed classes.

New Student Registration: New students should complete this online orientation and then report to their home campus on the registration date included in the acceptance letter. Bring your acceptance letter and a copy of the orientation completion certificate (available at the end of this session).

Late Registration: This process is only for students unable to register on regularly scheduled dates. Late registration may require payment of a fee and course availability is limited.

Check the Academic Calendar for registration dates

Instructions for Advisement and Registration:

  • Contact your advisor – Advisor’s name/contact info is included in your Acceptance Letter and on BannerWeb – Banner Web FAQs Page
  • Go to and select the Banner Web link in “Student Resources”
  • Register for your classes.
  • Print your class schedule – use this schedule to assist you with purchasing books in the bookstore and to obtain your Student ID.

Banner is the student information system at North Georgia Technical College. You will use Banner Web to register for classes, view your grades and check your financial aid status.

Contact Registrar



Tuition and other fees cover the cost of instruction and services provided by NGTC. For current rates and cost calculators, use the Tuition Information link below.

Students must pay balances for tuition, fees, and other charges by the Tuition/Fee Payment deadline established for each semester. If you are registering late, you may also be charged a late fee.

Balances may be viewed and paid online using Banner Web or by visiting the cashier on any NGTC campus. Banner Web Log In Access

Tuition/fees can also be paid using a payment plan offered through NELNET Business Solutions. This plan is only available for a limited time during registration periods. An enrollment fee is required for using this option. For more information contact the Business Office and/or check out the information online here.

Students qualified for financial aid may have tuition and fees charged against those future funds. For more information, select the Financial Aid link or contact your financial aid advisor.

The Business Office accepts cash, personal checks, and debit/credit cards (MasterCard, Discover, and Visa). Credit card and check payments can be made online by logging into Banner Web.

Contact Cashier


Safety and Security

Please remember to lock vehicles and secure personal belongings while on campus! North Georgia Technical College is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Any suspicious activity should be reported to Campus Police (numbers below) or the Office of Student Affairs (706-754-7803).

The following behaviors are not tolerated on campus or at college-sponsored events:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Possession of Drugs or Alcohol
  • Possession of Weapons or Firearms
  • Unauthorized Use of North Georgia Technical College’s Computers
  • Smoking/Use of Tobacco Products

Please note that ONLY current North Georgia Technical College Students are allowed in classrooms. Any visitors to a classroom are not permitted without approval from the Vice President of Academic Affairs or the Vice President of Student Affairs. All persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on campus and are not permitted in class.

Student Identification and Parking

All students are required to display a parking decal on their vehicles when on campus.

Apply for parking decals online, allow 3 business days, and then pick them at the reception desk on your home campus. The decal will include instructions and a copy of the student parking map. To avoid fines, park only in spaces designated for student parking. >> Future Student Resources >> Get your Parking Decal

Students are also required to have a current photo ID. You will need an ID to:

  • Check out books in the library
  • Purchase books in the bookstore
  • Access the Student Center
Emergency School Closing Information

North Georgia Technical College will advertise any emergency campus closings due to weather conditions or any other potential, developing, or existing emergencies, using a variety of communication methods including but not limited to student e-mail alerts, postings to Facebook and Instagram, and notices on the NGTC website homepage. If school is closed for day classes, it is also closed for evening classes.

Students may subscribe to the campus alert system Everbridge to also receive immediate texts regarding closings or special alerts for the college.

Contact Campus Police

Campus Police

  • P: 706-754-7868
  • P: 706-499-5341
  • P: 706-754-7731

Work Ethics

North Georgia Technical College instructs and evaluates students on work ethics in all programs of study. Ten work ethics traits are defined as essential for student success and are listed in the table below. The definitions for these traits have been integrated into the program standards of each program curriculum thereby allowing each program to make work ethics a relevant and meaningful part of the program curriculum. The traits are assessed before the student graduates from the program.

Trait Definition
Appearance Displays appropriate dress, grooming, and hygiene.
Attendance Attends class; arrives/leaves on time; notifies instructor in advance of planned absences.
Attitude Demonstrates a positive outlook; demonstrates mannerly behavior; follows the chain of command.
Character Displays loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, reliability, initiative, self-discipline, and self-responsibility.
Communication Displays appropriate nonverbal, verbal, and written skills.
Cooperation Handles criticism, conflicts, and complaints appropriately; works well with others.
Organizational Skills Prioritizes and manages time and resources effectively; demonstrates flexibility in handling change; follows directions and procedures for the work environment.
Productivity Completes tasks assigned efficiently, effectively, and timely; demonstrates problem-solving capabilities.
Respect Tolerates other points of view; acknowledges and appreciates the rights of others; has regard for diversity.
Teamwork Works collaboratively with others toward a common goal in a respectful and cooperative manner; participates appropriately as a team member.


To begin your assessment you will need to log in to the student intranet using your Single Sign-On (SSO) username and password. (instructions for locating your SSO username and password can be found on the student email portion of the orientation

Once you have located your SSO username and password access the ‘Begin Assessment’ link below. The assessment is two parts, a survey, and a questionnaire, both must be completed before the assessment is considered complete. Upon completion of the survey, you will be redirected to your Academic History page. Print this page as proof of completion. You will need this printout prior to registration.

Updated: January 9, 2023 - CARES, CRRSAA, ARP & SSARPView the CARES Act, CRRSA & ARP Information and Covid-19 Guidance