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Student Technology Guide

The NGTC Student Technology Guide contains information on Okta, Office 365, Outlook, and more.

Okta, Single Sign-on, Multi-factor Authentication

North Georgia Technical College uses Okta for Identity Management, Single Sign-on, and Multi-factor Authentication to access your critical student accounts such as BannerWeb, Office365, eCampus, Blackboard, and more.

  • will be your main landing page for accessing all of your NGTC accounts by signing in once and being granted access to all of your accounts without the need of signing in to each account separately. 
  • Single Sign-on means you will have one username and one password to access all of your student accounts and software. This is true Single Sign-on in the sense that you will log into and be granted instant access to all of the listed websites and software without having to re-enter your credentials for each area you wish to utilize.
  • Okta Verify is a required phone app that will allow you to approve or deny access to your account when an authentication/login attempt is made. 
    Do not delete Okta Verify from your phone after your account setup is complete. You will lose access to your account and need to contact NGTC IT support for an account reset, requiring you to repeat the Quick Start Guide.
  • Multi-factor Authentication is part of the Okta experience and tied directly to the Okta Verify app which is used to grant you access to your account as additional protection beyond just a simple password. You can also input a phone number for resetting your password via a voice call, or SMS/text message. Even if your password somehow falls into the wrong hands; your account will be protected from unauthorized login attempts as long as you carefully verify approval requests sent to the Okta Verify app. If you didn’t log in to your account then you should not hit approve when an approval request is presented.

Account Login Assistance

If you have additional questions, please contact the IT Help Desk: 
Include name, student ID number, student email address, and birthdate for verification purposes

(706) 754-7750

Student Orientation

Upon completing the setup of your Okta account, if you are visiting this page from the New Student Orientation, please return to the Student Email section of the New Student Orientation.

Okta Quick Start Guide

Visit using a computer browser to set up your Okta account and have your phone available to install Okta Verify and scan a QR Code. You can perform the entire process on a single device, however, it the process is much easier if you use a device other than your phone to set up the portion and save your phone for scanning the presented QR Code.

Your NGTC email and password will grant you access to begin the installation process.

After entering your Username and Password click the “Next” button.

On the “Set up multifactor authentication” page, select the “Setup” button.

 Screenshot of Okta set up multifactor authentication screen

Choose either iPhone or Android to begin the process.

Screenshot of Setup Okta Verify screen for choosing your device type
Download Okta Verify on your phone.

When the installation of Okta on your phone has finished, follow the steps provided to add your account.
Screenshot of the QR Code page for Setting up Okta Verify app 

If you are unable to scan the QR code, send the activation link via SMS by clicking Can’t scan? under QR code.

Screenshot of Setup Okta Verify page with "Can't Scan" circled in red below the QR Code

Create your NGTC Okta Account.

Screenshot of okta page for creating your NGTC account

Add your cellphone number for resetting your password or unlocking your account using SMS.


Enter the code sent to your cellphone to verify number and then click Done.

Screenshot of page for entering text message code for text verification

Add a phone number for resetting your password or unlocking your account using a Voice Call.
After entering your phone number select Call.

Screenshot for entering your phone number in the okta voice call setup verification page

Enter code from Okta phone call and click Verify.
Click Done to finish the setup.

When complete, you will be taken to the Okta landing page.

Screenshot of the landing page when completing the Okta account creation process

For other Okta features, click the Settings button underneath your name.

Screenshot of accessing Okta Settings option in the top right corner of the okta page

Updated: April 2, 2024 - CARES, CRRSAA, ARP & SSARPView the CARES Act, CRRSA & ARP Information and Covid-19 Guidance