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Clarkesville, GA – North Georgia Technical College (NGTC) recently recognized 115 students who completed their degree or diploma programs during the 2022 fall semester. Commencement ceremonies were held on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022, at Level Grove Baptist Church in Cornelia, Ga. 

Graduates include:  

Banks County:  

Mason Loggins, Alto, Electrical Systems Technology  

Jesse Nicholson, Commerce, Air Conditioning Technology  

Bartow County:  

Ethan Adams, Cartersville, EMS Professions 

Cobb County:  

Geoffrey Miller, Acworth, Precision Machining and Manufacturing 

Dawson County:  

Cort Shelnutt, Dawsonville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Fannin County:  

Stephanie Boyce Smith, Blue Ridge, Cosmetology  

Erin Catron, Blue Ridge, EMS Professions  

Vicki Edwards, Mineral Bluff, Business Technology  

Taylor Fair, Morganton, Modern Agriculture  

Brianna Hebert, Morganton, EMS Professions  

Brandi Hughes, Blue Ridge, Business Management 

Hannah Nelson, Blue Ridge, Culinary Arts 

Brittany Norton, Blue Ridge, Cosmetology  

Carly Payne, Blue Ridge, Cosmetology  

Franklin County:  

Megan Barnes, Carnesville, Business Management 

Kassadie Deal, Lavonia, AS Degree in General Studies 

Taylor Drake, Royston, Criminal Justice Technology  

Courtney Gerstmyer, Lavonia, Business Management 

Taylor Green, Royston, Cosmetology  

Tamala LeCroy, Lavonia, Networking Specialist  

Alexander McDuffie, Carnesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Quaniya Montgomery, Lavonia, Business Management 

Kaylee O’Shields, Commerce, Cosmetology  

Allie Sowell, Canon, Medical Assisting 

Ashley Williams, Carnesville, Medical Assisting 

Gordon County:  

Brianna Townsend, Fairmount, Photography 

Habersham County:  

Meagan Benfield, Demorest, Business Management 

Katlin Bohannon, Clarkesville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Jon Campbell, Clarkesville, Networking Specialist 

Jacob Carver, Demorest, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Brianna Collins, Cornelia, Cosmetology  

Justin Dalton, Cornelia, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Jesus Gonzalez Gabriel, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology  

Tommy Hagerty, Cornelia, Welding Technology  

Cassidy Hansard, Cornelia, Business Management 

Hunter Holbrooks, Clarkesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Katie Howard, Cornelia, Criminal Justice Technology  

Josiah Irvin, Alto, Agribusiness 

Drake Knight, Alto, Culinary Arts 

Daniel Lee, Clarkesville, Web Application Development 

Loretta Mathis, Alto, Cosmetology  

Carlos Matias Carapia, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology  

Milagros Mora, Cornelia, Pharmacy Technology  

Jenny Nguyen, Clarkesville, Web Application Development 

Sandra Olivares, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Marvin Ramey, Demorest, Welding Technology  

Alex Ramirez, Alto, Air Conditioning Technology  

Leorion Ramirez, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology  

Brandy Sackel, Cornelia, Business Management 

Hedgar Sierra, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology  

Ansley Simpson, Baldwin, AS Degree in General Studies 

Joni Smith, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Kaitlyn Unbehant, Demorest, Pharmacy Technology  

Dallie Walker, Demorest, Pharmacy Technology  

Tiffany Walker, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Tanner Watts, Cornelia, Precision Machining and Manufacturing 

Harley Wilbanks, Clarkesville, Cosmetology  

Hall County:  

Hailey Sailors, Clermont, Cosmetology  

Shelton Simpson, Gainesville, Web Application Development 

Hart County:  

Taylor Ayers, Royston, Cosmetology  

Stephen Henderson, Hartwell, Business Management 

Tuesday Lane, Hartwell, Business Management 

Pamela Pearson, Hartwell, Business Management 

Chad Tichy, Hartwell, Web Application Development 

Lumpkin County:  

Misty Ellis, Murrayville, Business Management 

Will Lilac, Murrayville, Precision Machining and Manufacturing 

Rabun County:  

Casey Brown, Tiger, Electrical Systems Technology  

Raechel Hunnicutt, Tiger, Cosmetology  

Krista Jordan, Wiley, Business Management 

Stephens County:  

Bree Adams, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Jeremiah Allison, Martin, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Bruce Anderson, Toccoa, Business Management 

Savannah Ayers, Eastanollee, Cosmetology  

Matthew Brooks, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Zachary Carlisle, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Jasamine Certain, Toccoa, Business Management 

Brenda Cobb, Eastanollee, Business Management 

Skyler Forsman, Toccoa, Culinary Arts 

Kaitlin Fowler, Toccoa, Business Management 

Tina Gibby, Eastanollee, Business Technology  

Makayla Holbrooks, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Iradi Lopez, Martin, Cosmetology  

Duncan Lovell, Toccoa, Electrical Systems Technology  

Jenson McGraw, Toccoa, Business Management 

Gillian Mills, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Dustin Murray, Toccoa, Business Management 

Brooke Swift, Martin, Cosmetology  

Marissa Teasley, Toccoa, Medical Assisting and Interdisciplinary Studies 

Brooke Welborn, Toccoa, Cosmetology  

Towns County:  

Chawna Chipman Jones, Young Harris, Cosmetology  

Madison Lovell, Young Harris, Pharmacy Technology  

Amanda Von Schade, Young Harris, Cosmetology  

Union County:  

Jennifer Kanady, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Mariah Murphy, Blairsville, Business Management 

Haley Phelps, Blairsville, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Cydney Rich, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Brooklyn Shields, Blairsville, EMS Professions 

Seth Tanner, Blairsville, Electrical Systems Technology  

Ivyjane Wahl, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Hunter Young, Blairsville, Electrical Systems Technology  

White County:  

Branka Bailes, Cleveland, Business Management 

Angel Bowen, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Kurtis Havlen, Cleveland, Electrical Systems Technology  

Kyrie Jacobs, Cleveland, Accounting 

Jordan McNally, Cleveland, Web Application Development 

Sawyer Mohler, Sautee, Electrical Systems Technology  

Carla Reynolds, Cleveland, Business Technology  

Kenneth Roberts, Cleveland, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Rileigh Sanders, Cleveland, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Nannie Sesser, Cleveland, Accounting 

Alysia Shaft, Helen, Business Technology  

Seth Steele, Cleveland, Web Application Development 

Arquimides Stevens, Cleveland, Electrical Systems Technology  

Crystal Wolfe, Cleveland, Applied Technical Management 

Clay County, North Carolina:  

Savannah Chrisley, Hayesville, Cosmetology 

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