NGTC Recognizes 138 Graduates for Summer 2022

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Clarkesville, GA – North Georgia Technical College (NGTC) recently awarded 138 students with degrees or diplomas for the 2022 summer semester. These graduates will be eligible to participate in the next commencement ceremonies scheduled in December for the summer and fall semester graduates.  

Graduates include:  

Banks County:  

Michael Beeland, Homer, Electrical Systems Technology  

Jacob Chapman, Baldwin, Engineering Technology  

Kayla Keller, Alto, Medical Assisting 

Cherry Simpson, Baldwin, Registered Nursing  

Barrow County:  

Courtney Pring, Winder, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Chatham County:  

Sydney Ivie, Savannah, Photography  

Chattooga County:  

Kailen Greer, Summerville, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Clarke County:  

Cassandra Isom, Athens, Practical Nursing 

Fannin County:  

Desiree Bell, Mineral Bluff, Practical Nursing 

Natashia Campbell, Blue Ridge, Registered Nursing 

Brian Carlucci, Blue Ridge, Registered Nursing  

Alexis Franklin, Morganton, Medical Assisting 

Selwyn Green, Mineral Bluff, Registered Nursing 

Rachel Hill, Morganton, Practical Nursing 

Allyson Hughes, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing 

Alicia Jones, Epworth, Medical Assisting 

Amanda Mealer, Blue Ridge, Registered Nursing 

Lucas Patterson, McCaysville, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Jessica Peardon, Mineral Bluff, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Rhonda Stepp, Blue Ridge, Registered Nursing 

Jessica Tanner, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing 

Candice Underwood, Blue Ridge, Registered Nursing  

Forsyth County:  

Jessica Garner, Gainesville, Practical Nursing 

Franklin County:  

Raneshia Brown, Royston, Practical Nursing 

Angela Merritt, Lavonia, Practical Nursing 

Raemon Teasley, Toccoa, Business Management  

Savannah Vickery, Carnesville, Pharmacy Technology  

Fulton County:  

Andrew Hall, Johns Creek, Automotive Technology  

Gilmer County:  

Ryan Davis, Ellijay, Registered Nursing 

Amber Elder, Ellijay, Practical Nursing 

James Jonason, Ellijay, Practical Nursing 

Kirsten Scott, Ellijay, Photography  

Gwinnett County:  

Annakaren Rincon, Lawrenceville, Medical Assisting 

Hailey Storck, Buford, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Habersham County:  

Jessica Bray, Cornelia, Practical Nursing 

Lauren Brown, Clarkesville, Medical Assisting 

Jessica Bryant, Demorest, Pharmacy Technology 

Kristina Capes, Cornelia, EMS Professions  

Hadyn Casey, Demorest, EMS Professions 

Connor Dimick, Alto, Electrical Systems Technology  

Jessica Eash, Clarkesville, Photography 

Adena Fry, Clarkesville, Accounting 

William Garrett, Clarkesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Tamara Gober, Cornelia, Practical Nursing 

Natasha Harrelson, Demorest, Medical Assisting 

Dalton Hulsey, Mount Airy, Electrical Systems Technology  

Jenna Isbell, Cornelia, Practical Nursing 

Noah Ivester, Clarkesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Ashlee Johnson, Toccoa, Accounting 

Luke Johnson, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Philomena Kelsey, Clarkesville, Clinical Laboratory Technology 

David Lunsford, Clarkesville, Electrical Systems Technology  

Carol Nicholson, Cornelia, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Jessica Rider, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Wendy Roach, Clarkesville, Medical Assisting  

Shelly Segars, Cornelia, Business Management  

Jessica Simpson, Baldwin, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Kayla Smith, Cornelia, Medical Assisting 

Courtney Sosebee, Demorest, Pharmacy Technology  

Gracyn Stewart, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Brittany Stickles, Clarkesville, Accounting 

Jaron Stover, Clarkesville, Engineering Technology  

Micha Swain, Cornelia, Medical Assisting 

Lilly Teasley, Clarkesville, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Dawson Vasser, Alto, Environmental Technology  

Joshua Ward, Toccoa, EMS Professions  

Hall County:  

Allyson Carroll, Gainesville, Practical Nursing 

Julia Deltoro Madrigal, Gainesville, Clinical Laboratory Technology 

Levi Graham, Murrayville, Electrical Systems Technology 

Kelley Kilgore, Lula, Registered Nursing 

Christopher Lee, Clermont, Paramedicine 

Cameron Lucas, Gainesville, EMS Professions 

Hart County:  

Christina Hill, Hartwell, Business Management  

Tiffany Jordan, Canon, Associate of Science Degree in General Studies 

Tammy Long, Hartwell, Practical Nursing 

Madelyne Simpson, Hartwell, Practical Nursing 

Jackson County:  

Kristina Caroti, Hoschton, Clinical Laboratory Technology 

Lumpkin County:  

Mark Flowers, Dahlonega, Registered Nursing 

Madison County:  

Kristie Fowler, Hull, Interdisciplinary Studies  

Pickens County:  

Ashley Hames, Jasper, Practical Nursing 

Putnam County:  

Alexa Liles, Eatonton, Criminal Justice Technology 

Rabun County:  

Leonardo Barcenas Luna, Tiger, Horticulture 

Alisha Colbert, Wiley, Practical Nursing 

Geoffrey Dixon, Clayton, Criminal Justice Technology  

Brianna Henslee, Clayton, Medical Assisting 

Joshua Holbrook, Rabun Gap, EMS Professions 

Courtney Holbrooks, Clayton, Practical Nursing 

Jacob Jenkins, Lakemont, Associate of Science Degree in General Studies  

Erica Keener, Lakemont, Paramedicine 

Kaplan Mitchell, Mountain City, Electrical Systems Technology  

Kayla Schnitzer, Lakemont, EMS Professions  

Stephens County:  

Angel Beck, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Porcha Burtch, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Alexis Castaneda, Eastanollee, Practical Nursing 

Kaitlyn Clark, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Matthew Fisher, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Kimberlee Harper, Toccoa, Applied Technical Management  

Seth Holcomb, Martin, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Lauren Isbell, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Thomas Key, Toccoa, Precision Machining and Manufacturing  

Duncan Lovell, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Asher Murley, Toccoa, Electrical Systems Technology  

Savannah Rothstein, Toccoa, Applied Technical Management  

William Shanks, Toccoa, EMS Professions 

Ashley Warden, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Lela Watkins, Toccoa, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Darlene Williams, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Samuel Yearwood, Toccoa, Modern Agriculture  

Towns County:  

Drew Barrett, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing 

Wallace Giddens, Hiawassee, Electrical Systems Technology  

Kerri Ivester, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing  

Kirsten Ledford, Young Harris, Medical Assisting  

Walker Winn, Hiawassee, Environmental Technology  

Union County:  

Mary Atkins, Blairsville, Accounting 

Katie Carter, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

Emma Conley, Blairsville, Practical Nursing  

Gwendolen Dyer, Blairsville, Practical Nursing 

Melisa Fair, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

Lisa Garrison, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

Anastyne Gibson, Blairsville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Floyd Heimann, Blairsville, Business Management 

Krysten Hodges, Blairsville, Medical Assisting 

Jasmine Jarrard, Blairsville, Medical Assisting 

Mikayla King, Blairsville, Practical Nursing 

Nicole May, Blairsville, Accounting 

Ashley Pankey, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

Jared Peterson, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

White County:  

Raquel Berghoefer, Cleveland, Medical Assisting 

Brandon Bowden, Cleveland, Pharmacy Technology  

Jasmyn Casper, Cleveland, Practical Nursing 

Lisa Demers, Cleveland, Pharmacy Technology  

Janna Harris, Cleveland, Registered Nursing 

Christy Oliver, Cleveland, Applied Technical Management 

Courtney Wade, Cleveland, Clinical Laboratory Technology 

Dylan Westmoreland, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care and Education 

Clay County, North Carolina:  

Cori Harding, Warne, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Macon County, North Carolina:  

William Chastain, Highlands, Electrical Systems Technology  

Ann Duelfer, Franklin, Accounting 


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