NGTC Recognizes 290 Graduates for Summer and Fall 2021

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Clarkesville, GA – North Georgia Technical College (NGTC) recently recognized 290 students who completed their degree or diploma programs during the 2021 summer or fall semesters. Commencement ceremonies were held Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021, in the Industrial Technology Center on the Clarkesville campus of NGTC.  

Graduates include:  

Banks County:  

Shelby Dalton, Alto, Agribusiness  

Haley Graves, Lula, Associate of Science Degree in General Studies 

Braxton Jarrett, Baldwin, Environmental Technology 

Monique Rucker, Homer, EMS Professions  

Barrow County:  

Sophia Kay, Winder, Cosmetology  

Bibb County:  

Tracey Sheppard, Macon, Applied Technical Management  

Clarke County:  

Jason Hargrove, Athens, Networking Specialist  

Riza Redosendo, Athens, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Andrew Strus, Athens, Clinical Laboratory Technology 

Cobb County:  

Thomas Kan, Smyrna, Automotive Technology  

Dora Whitelock, Marietta, Business Management  

Coweta County:  

Matthew Castles, Newnan, Welding Technology  

Douglas County:  

Nicholas Phoenix, Lithia Springs, Automotive Technology  

Elbert County:  

Ashley Heard, Elberton, Medical Assisting  

Vernyeica Sims, Elberton, Pharmacy Technology  

Fannin County:  

Michele Andrews, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing  

Heather Barber, Morganton, Business Technology  

Allie Barfield, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing 

Ian Baugh, Blue Ridge, Electrical Systems Technology  

Trista Chancey, Morganton, Practical Nursing 

Richard Garceau, Morganton, Networking Specialist  

Becca Geisler, Mineral Bluff, Practical Nursing 

Laura Gibbs, Mineral Bluff, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Angela Graham, Morganton, Practical Nursing 

Emily Green, Mineral Bluff, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Kristen Haley, McCaysville, Registered Nursing 

Heather Helton, Morganton, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Jennifer Holoman, Mineral Bluff, Practical Nursing 

Destiny Kimbrell, Morganton, Medical Assisting 

Ashley Lopez, Blue Ridge, Medical Assisting 

Morgan Mull, Blue Ridge, Cosmetology  

Sherry Nicholson, Mineral Bluff, Registered Nursing 

Hailey Norton, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing 

Russell Patterson, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing 

Hannah Ridley, Morganton, Cosmetology  

Haley Stubblefield, Blue Ridge, Registered Nursing 

Caeley Tredeau, Mineral Bluff, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Hailie Wall, Blue Ridge, Cosmetology 

Samantha Washington, Morganton, Cosmetology  

Tori Welch, McCaysville, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Stephanie Wingate, Morganton, Practical Nursing  

Forsyth County:  

Grant Barlow, Cumming, Networking Specialist  

Sam Moore, Cumming, Air Conditioning Technology  

Wesley Moore, Cumming, Air Conditioning Technology  

Douglas Nissley, Cumming, Welding Technology  

Michael Sullivan, Cumming, Precision Machining & Manufacturing  

Franklin County:  

Jhenna Benton, Lavonia, Business Management 

Jason Betancourt, Lavonia, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Taylor Bortz, Martin, Criminal Justice Technology 

Audrey Dove, Carnesville, Business Technology  

Talmadge Fisher, Martin, Networking Specialist 

Monica Hardy, Carnesville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Kristie Hughes, Lavonia, Criminal Justice Technology  

Latoya Johnson, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Brittany King, Carnesville, Accounting  

Thomas Ledford, Royston, Associate of Science Degree in General Studies 

Thomas Loudermilk, Lavonia, Agribusiness 

Dquilla Love, Lavonia, Medical Assisting 

Myeia Mayfield, Lavonia, Business Management 

Ashlyn Myers, Lavonia, Medical Assisting  

Austin Reed, Lavonia, Electrical Systems Technology  

Brady Roberts, Royston, Agribusiness  

Tyler Smith, Lavonia, Business Management  

Conner Speed, Carnesville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Levi Voyles, Carnesville, Welding Technology  

Crystal Walker, Lavonia, Business Management 

Amber Weekley, Carnesville, Business Management  

Thomas Weekley, Carnesville, Web Application Development 

Sean Wilson, Martin, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Gilmer County:  

Kathryn Kile, Ellijay, Paramedicine 

Kollyn Kile, Ellijay, Registered Nursing 

Chelsie Reed, Ellijay, Business Management  

Gwinnett County:  

Malcolm Bennett, Suwanee, Business Management 

Katherine Freedman, Auburn, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Sally Woerner, Duluth, Practical Nursing  

Habersham County:  

Mason Allison, Mount Airy, Engineering Technology 

Matthew Brown, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology  

Jennifer Bushnell, Clarkesville, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Jason Cantrell, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Gina Canup, Clarkesville, Pharmacy Technology  

Marlena Cookson, Cornelia, Photography 

Greg Davis, Clarkesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Jon Del Nero, Clarkesville, Accounting 

Aaliyah Doddridge, Clarkesville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Daisy Dyer, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Deborah Ferguson, Clarkesville, Business Management  

Justin Fordyce, Demorest, Networking Specialist  

Brittany Frankum, Demorest, Medical Assisting 

Sara Free, Clarkesville, Cosmetology  

William Fulford, Mount Airy, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Victoria Garrett, Alto, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Amber Gibby, Alto, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

George Hames, Clarkesville, Business Management  

Jennifer Harris, Cornelia, Accounting 

Taiya Harris, Alto, Practical Nursing 

Lindsey Haynes, Demorest, EMS Professions 

Halston Hicks, Clarkesville, Environmental Technology  

Mason Holland, Clarkesville, Environmental Technology  

Pyper Holloway, Mount Airy, Practical Nursing  

Madison Jones, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Sheba Key, Mount Airy, Medical Assisting 

Lauren King, Alto, Practical Nursing 

Jennifer Lancaster, Clarkesville, Accounting  

CeAhna Lathon, Cornelia, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Jose Lopez, Demorest, Automotive Technology 

Clara Loudermilk, Mount Airy, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Autumn Maclachlan, Clarkesville, Cosmetology  

Asher Maurer, Demorest, Practical Nursing  

Andrew McClain, Clarkesville, Networking Specialist 

Pebble McDaniel, Clarkesville, Automotive Collision Repair 

Tepin Mendenhall, Clarkesville, Medical Assisting 

Jeff Miller, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Michaela Mize, Clarkesville, Medical Assisting  

Matthew Moore, Clarkesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Elidia Mora-Duran, Cornelia, Criminal Justice Technology  

Brodie Mote, Clarkesville, Networking Specialist 

Shiliah Mull, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Noemi Nava, Demorest, Automotive Technology  

Yamilex Negrete, Alto, Pharmacy Technology  

Francisco Olivares-Tehandon, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology  

Kimberly Orozco, Cornelia, Practical Nursing 

Michelle Patterson, Demorest, Accounting 

Laine Pritchett, Baldwin, Networking Specialist  

Karen Saucedo, Cornelia, Practical Nursing 

Justin Scott, Cornelia, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Cristi Sheppard, Tallulah Falls, Accounting  

Marissa Strickland, Mount Airy, Medical Assisting 

Brady Thomas, Clarkesville, Electrical Systems Technology  

Kimberly Valdez, Demorest, Cosmetology  

Trae Vincent, Mount Airy, Automotive Technology  

Victoria Watkins, Alto, Medical Assisting 

Jodie Webb, Mount Airy, Medical Assisting 

Kyle Webb, Clarkesville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Curtis Wertz, Clarkesville, Electrical Systems Technology  

Contessa Williams, Cornelia, Criminal Justice Technology  

Mary Worley, Clarkesville, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Hall County:  

Kimberly Cesario, Gainesville, Practical Nursing 

Katie Conner, Clermont, Medical Assisting 

Kristin Crowe, Gainesville, Medical Assisting 

Hannah Greenway, Murrayville, Business Technology 

Joseph Simmons, Gainesville, Automotive Collision Repair  

Logan West, Murrayville, Electrical Systems Technology  

Hart County:  

Caretha Allen, Hartwell, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Mason Ballard, Hartwell, Criminal Justice Technology  

Jobie Blackmon, Canon, Culinary Arts 

Denver Forbes, Hartwell, Business Management 

Melissa Johnson, Hartwell, Business Management  

Brenton Meeler, Hartwell, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Trisha Patterson, Canon, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Trina Roebuck, Hartwell, Business Technology  

Breana Sanders, Hartwell, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Kimberly Sayer, Hartwell, Practical Nursing 

Chandra Teasley, Hartwell, Medical Assisting 

Lakeisha Wilkins, Hartwell, Business Management  

Jackson County:  

Jonathon Nix, Jefferson, Modern Agriculture  

Lumpkin County:  

Caleb Levan, Dahlonega, Automotive Technology 

Mary Novobilski, Dahlonega, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Madison County:  

Karl Fulbright, Hull, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Jennifer Gillespie, Danielsville, Practical Nursing 

Victoria Gunnells, Danielsville, Business Technology  

Monroe County:  

Ashley Heldman, Forsyth, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Oconee County:  

Zachary Cobb, Bishop, Environmental Technology  

Pickens County:  

Karen Davis, Jasper, Registered Nursing  

Rabun County:  

Rebecca Cofield, Lakemont, Cosmetology  

Kyndal Dills, Dillard, Welding Technology  

Crystal Dixon, Clayton, Criminal Justice Technology  

Katlin Gragg Berweiler, Tiger, Business Technology  

James Humphries, Clayton, Automotive Collision Repair 

Krista Jordan, Wiley, Associate of Science Degree in General Studies 

Justina Melendez, Tiger, Cosmetology  

Emma Orlinski, Clayton, Criminal Justice Technology  

Lance Owens, Clayton, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Mitchell Padgett, Rabun Gap, Web Application Development  

Jaden Quilliams, Clayton, Business Management  

Austin Welborn, Tiger, Associate of Science Degree in General Studies 

Larry Wilkerson, Clayton, Practical Nursing 

Vince Williams, Clayton, Air Conditioning Technology 

Richmond County:  

Andrew King, Hephzibah, Modern Agriculture 

Rockdale County:  

Bryce Matthews, Conyers, Air Conditioning Technology  

Stephens County:  

Samuel Adams, Toccoa, Networking Specialist 

Adam Aguilar, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Andrew Allen, Toccoa, Business Management  

Joanie Barker, Eastanollee, Business Management  

Keith Bohannon, Eastanollee, Horticulture 

Debbie Bragg, Toccoa, Clinical Laboratory Technology 

Tyler Brothers, Eastanollee, Air Conditioning Technology  

Dalton Conn, Toccoa, Automotive Technology  

Natalie Crane, Toccoa, Business Management  

Christopher Eby, Eastanollee, Welding Technology 

Lauren Faulk, Eastanollee, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Jennifer Findley, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Adaysha Green, Toccoa, Business Management  

Jasmyn Howard, Eastanollee, Business Management 

Brittany Hunt, Toccoa, Business Management 

Tabetha-Jasmine Kawelo, Martin, Medical Assisting 

Ashley Kubicek, Toccoa, Business Technology 

Carrie Lancaster, Toccoa, Criminal Justice Technology  

Corey Lawson, Eastanollee, Networking Specialist  

Braz Looney, Martin, Precision Machining 

Christina McFarlin-Woodham, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Blake Peeples, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Titus Penland, Toccoa, Electrical Systems Technology  

Terry Ravenell, Toccoa, Automotive Technology 

Javen Richie, Martin, Precision Machining & Manufacturing  

Asiah Simpson, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Madison Spencer, Martin, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Hannah Stowe, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Jackie Teater, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Jared Vail, Toccoa, Welding Technology  

Alexander Watkins, Toccoa, Associate of Science Degree in General Studies 

Sarah Welborn, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Shonna White, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Susan Wilkins, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Alyssa Williams, Toccoa, Practical Nursing  

Towns County:  

Victoria Addis, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing 

Rachel Barnard, Young Harris, Practical Nursing 

Jessica Beck, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing  

Jennifer Brookshire, Hiawassee, Cosmetology  

Emily Davis, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing 

Brianna Epperson, Young Harris, Business Management  

Christy Garrison, Hiawassee, Business Technology  

Kristen Moss, Hiawassee, Registered Nursing  

Christoph Nguyen, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing 

Nia Nguyen, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing 

Sonya Nicholson, Hiawassee, Registered Nursing 

Emily Payne, Hiawassee, Business Technology  

Megan Shattles, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing 

Amber Taylor, Hiawassee, Cosmetology  

Rebecca Wecer, Hiawassee, Medical Assisting 

Vincent Wilcox, Young Harris, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Union County:  

Megan Bright, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Delia Carrington, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

Kimberly Chabotte, Blairsville, Practical Nursing 

Logan Colwell, Blairsville, Medical Assisting 

Andrew Dotson, Blairsville, Networking Specialist 

Anastasia Grover, Blairsville, Accounting  

Elizabeth Hand, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

Ellen Jinks, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

Jennifer Kanady, Blairsville, Business Management 

Tai King, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Kiara Martin, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Skylar Miller, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Seth Nelson, Blairsville, Practical Nursing  

Sarabeth Ogburn, Blairsville, Business Management 

Jacqueline Rodgers, Blairsville, Registered Nursing 

David Rogers, Blairsville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Sean Rowan, Blairsville, Medical Assisting 

Deland Ruff, Blairsville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Clayton Strickland, Blairsville, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Allyson Strossner, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Hannah Tanner, Blairsville, Medical Assisting 

Ashley Tunnell, Blairsville, Accounting 

Alexis White, Blairsville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Shaina White, Blairsville, Practical Nursing 

Jessica Woolley, Blairsville, Practical Nursing  

White County:  

Devin Abernathy, Cleveland, Automotive Technology 

Kiersten Christlieb, Sautee Nacoochee, Web Application Development 

Pedro DelaTorre-Mercado, Cleveland, Welding Technology  

Ronnie Dover, Cleveland, Automotive Technology 

Kendall Elrod, Cleveland, Cosmetology  

Vicky Frankum, Cleveland, Business Management 

Jared Gunter, Cleveland, Welding Technology  

Melissa Johnson, Cleveland, Environmental Technology  

Kaylin King, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Madison Lingerfelt, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Kerry McPherson, Cleveland, Automotive Technology  

Branka Metz, Cleveland, Culinary Arts 

Whitley Moss, Cleveland, Practical Nursing 

Cassidy Nix, Cleveland, Agribusiness 

Kristina Norris, Cleveland, Cosmetology  

Christy Oliver, Cleveland, Cosmetology  

Ansleigh Patterson, Cleveland, Cosmetology  

Austin Payne, Cleveland, Air Conditioning Technology  

Dawson Roberts, Cleveland, Environmental Technology  

Seth Scott, Cleveland, Horticulture 

Aubrey Smith, Helen, Practical Nursing  

Marlana Vasquez, Cleveland, Medical Assisting 

Dylan Westmoreland, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Jason Williamson, Cleveland, EMS Professions 

Crystal Wolfe, Cleveland, Cosmetology  

Whitfield County:  

Alexis Maggard, Rocky Face, Cosmetology  

Dade County, Florida:  

Dawn McCall, Miami Beach, Culinary Arts  

River County, Florida:  

Donald Robinson, Sebastian, Registered Nursing 

Volusia County, Florida:  

Marion Perry, New Smyrna Beach, Criminal Justice Technology  

East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana:   

Lauren Underwood, Baton Rouge, Registered Nursing 

Chester County, Pennsylvania:  

Jaqueline Ramirez, Oxford, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Polk County, Tennessee:  

Kitha Hicks, Farner, EMS Professions 

Amanda Hyatt, Turtletown, Registered Nursing 

Shelly Stiles, Turtletown, Registered Nursing  

Natrona County, Wyoming:  

Staci Long, Casper, Registered Nursing 

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