Students Named to NGTC President’s List and Honor Roll for Fall Semester 2021

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Clarkesville, GA – North Georgia Technical College (NGTC) recently announced students named to the President’s List and Honor Roll for fall semester 2021. The President’s List recognizes full-time students with a 4.0 GPA. The Honor Roll recognizes full-time students with a 3.5 GPA. Full-time students are those taking at least 12 credit hours with no developmental courses. 

Students named to the Honor Roll include:  

Banks County:  

Jacob Chapman, Baldwin, Engineering Technology 

Adam Cochran, Homer, Precision Machining & Manufacturing  

Barrow County:  

Sophia Kay, Winder, Hair Designer Certificate  

Bulloch County:  

Sydney Roberts, Statesboro, Photography  

Clarke County:  

Lewis Kilby, Athens, Business Management  

Clayton County:  

Jessica Duran, Clayton, Business Technology  

Cobb County:  

Geoffrey Miller, Acworth, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Linton Sangster, Marietta, Air Conditioning Electrical Technician Certificate 

Elbert County:  

Vernyeica Sims, Elberton, Pharmacy Assistant Certificate  

Fannin County:  

Taylor Fair, Morganton, Modern Agriculture  

Grace Geiger, McCaysville, Paramedicine  

Morgan Mull, Blue Ridge, Shampoo Technician  

Treylyn Owensby, McCaysville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

Fayette County:  

Cody Coffee, Peachtree City, Agribusiness 

Forsyth County:  

Nicholas Sgambato, Cumming, Precision Machining & Manufacturing  

Franklin County:  

Megan Barnes, Carnesville, Business Management 

Kayla Bellew, Canon, Welding Technology 

Victoria Burns, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Christian Cline, Carnesville, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Megan Gee, Martin, Health Care Assistant Certificate 

Tina Gibby, Martin, Business Technology 

Jacob Keese, Royston, Institutionally Accepted 

Jayce Kimsey, Royston, AS Degree in General Studies  

Savannah Long, Royston, AS Degree in General Studies 

Aaron Pearcy, Carnesville, AS Degree in General Studies 

Brady Roberts, Royston, Agribusiness 

Matthew Robinson, Lavonia, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Logan Thompson, Lavonia, Automotive Technology 

David Whitsel, Lavonia, Agribusiness 

Aa’Lezra Williams, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Fulton County:  

Callan Pfeiffer, Roswell, Welding Technology 

Gilmer County:  

Amber Elder, Ellijay, Practical Nursing 

Chelsie Reed, Ellijay, Small Business Management Specialist Certificate 

Gwinnett County:  

Timothy Samuels, Loganville, Culinary Arts 

Habersham County:  

Brett Browner, Baldwin, Photography 

Cristina Diego, Cornelia, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Tamara Gober, Cornelia, Practical Nursing 

Jesus Gonzalez Gabriel, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology 

Elijah Greenway, Mount Airy, Photography   

Kayla Grogan, Alto, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Steven Harvey, Demorest, Automotive Technology 

Hunter Holbrooks, Clarkesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Carlos Matias Carapia, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology 

Justin McClain, Clarkesville, Agribusiness 

Joseph McNair, Clarkesville, AS Degree in General Studies  

Sonya Medina, Cornelia, Business Management 

Yessica Paramo, Alto, Air Conditioning Technology 

Sam Pitts, Clarkesville, Business Management 

Leorion Ramirez, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology 

Jessica Rider, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Wendy Roach, Clarkesville, Medical Assisting 

Kaitlin Simpson, Demorest, AS Degree in General Studies 

Joni Smith, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Technology 

Kayla Smith, Cornelia, Medical Assisting 

Carson Sprinkle, Clarkesville, Photography 

John Weidner, Demorest, Horticulture 

Hall County:  

Anthony Cannon, Gainesville, Criminal Justice Technology 

Victor Gaspar, Lula, Engineering Technology 

Kasandra Ledford, Gainesville, Registered Nursing 

Christopher Lee, Clermont, Paramedicine 

Daniel Mata, Flowery Branch, Welding Technology 

Tyrus Smith, Gainesville, Air Conditioning Technology 

Hart County:  

Derrick Harper, Hartwell, Business Management  

Stephen Henderson, Hartwell, Business Management 

Crystal Walker, Lavonia, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate  

Henry County:  

Tyler Nidiffer, McDonough, Business Management 

Jayce Taylor, McDonough, Air Conditioning Technology 

Jackson County:  

Ethan Simpson, Maysville, Criminal Justice Technology 

Lumpkin County:  

Bristol Batho, Dawsonville, Paramedicine  

Newton County:  

Garrett Sorrow, Oxford, Welding Technology 

Oconee County:  

Rosemary Hall, Bishop, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Rabun County:  

Gracie Bennett, Clayton, Agribusiness 

Rayna Bleckley, Clayton, Cosmetology 

Rebecca Cofield, Lakemont, Hair Designer Certificate 

Victoria Espitia, Tiger, Cosmetology 

Cali Gragg, Dillard, AS Degree in General Studies 

Danielle Justus, Dillard, Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate  

Madison Marcus, Tiger, Criminal Justice Technology 

Kacper Michalak, Tiger, Environmental Technology 

Ansley Watts, Clayton, Business Management 

Timothy Wilson, Rabun Gap, Engineering Technology  

Rockdale County:  

Bryce Matthews, Conyers, Heating & AC Install Tech Certificate  

Stephens County:  

Bree Adams, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies  

Andrew Allen, Toccoa, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate  

Eli Allison, Eastanollee, AS Degree in General Studies 

Abigail Andrews, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Ashley Canady, Eastanollee, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Tacoria Cowan, Toccoa, Phlebotomy Technician  

Jacob Dearth, Toccoa, Engineering Technology 

Sergio Escanuela, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Chaley Hayes, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education Basics Certificate 

Kaitlyn Hicks, Toccoa, Business Management 

Makayla Holbrooks, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Tavious Jones, Toccoa, Business Management  

Alexander Keener, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

James Leverette, Toccoa, Paramedicine 

Brenna McCall, Toccoa, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Robert Mealor, Toccoa, Welding Technology 

Jenna Middleton, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Quanyaih Perry, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Jada Reyes-York, Toccoa, Introduction to Criminal Justice 

Angel Santana, Martin, Air Conditioning Technology 

Kaylee Saylors, Eastanollee, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Ashton Stefanini, Toccoa, Welding Technology 

Krysta Strong, Toccoa, Culinary Arts 

Kathryn Thomas, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Elijah Wenger, Toccoa, Business Management 

Towns County:  

Jennifer Brookshire, Hiawassee, Shampoo Technician  

Chawna Chipman Jones, Young Harris, Cosmetology 

Samuel Ledford, Young Harris, Air Conditioning Technology 

Garrett Murray, Hiawassee, Criminal Justice Technology 

Camren Owenby, Hiawassee, Welding Technology 

Rachel Ryals, Young Harris, AS Degree in General Studies 

Ryan Tyler, Hiawassee, AS Degree in General Studies 

Union County:  

Trinity Brown, Blairsville, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Andrew Dotson, Blairsville, PC Repair & Network Technician Certificate  

Jonathan Engle, Blairsville, Air Conditioning Technology 

Lawson Harkins, Blairsville, Automotive Technology 

Ashley Heldman, Blairsville, Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate  

Krysten Hodges, Blairsville, Medical Assisting 

Brittany Loftis, Blairsville, Accounting 

Lillian Lovell, Blairsville, Cosmetology 

Kiara Martin, Blairsville, Shampoo Technician  

Seth Tanner, Blairsville, Electrical Systems Technology 

Reighlee Teal, Blairsville, Cosmetology 

Cole Williams, Blairsville, Institutionally Accepted 

Hunter Young, Blairsville, Electrical Systems Technology 

White County:  

Daylan Anderson, Cleveland, AS Degree in General Studies 

Raquel Berghoefer, Cleveland, Medical Assisting 

Caleb Blocker, Cleveland, Horticulture 

Angel Bowen, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Ashton Chencharick, Sautee Nacoochee, Business Management  

Destiny Dunn, Cleveland, Criminal Justice Technology  

Noah Johnson, Cleveland, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Karissa Jones, Cleveland, Business Management 

Ashley Panzica, Cleveland, Medical Coding Certificate 

Ansleigh Patterson, Cleveland, Hair Designer Certificate 

Daniel Rizo-Rivera, Cleveland, Welding Technology 

Deanna Schmidt, Cleveland, Business Technology 

Seth Scott, Cleveland, EMS Professions 

Isabella Tucker, Cleveland, Business Management 

Dylan Westmoreland, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Whitfield County:  

Alexis Maggard, Rocky Face, Hair Designer Certificate 

Solano County, California  

Kamree Silas-Nickelberry, Vallejo, Culinary Arts  

Cherokee County, North Carolina:  

James Dockery, Murphy, Engineering Technology 

Clay County, North Carolina:  

Cole Penley, Brasstown, Precision Machining & Manufacturing  

Students named to the President’s List include:  

Banks County:  

Samuel Fesperman, Homer, Automotive Technology 

Jesse Nicholson, Commerce, Air Conditioning Technology  

Barrow County:  

Kristina Weiss, White, Horticulture 

Carroll County:  

Anderson Bradley, Carrollton, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

Kenneth Chambers, Carrollton, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Carson Cummings, Bowdon, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Dillion Sims, Bowdon, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Justin Wilburn, Carrollton, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Chattooga County:  

William Keith, Summerville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

Cherokee County:  

Michael Sullivan, Cumming, Tool & Die Specialist Certificate 

Columbia County:  

Jarrod Coffey, Martinez, Photography 

Dawson County:  

Daniel Brock, Dawsonville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Skyler Bruce, Dawsonville, Photography 

Jake Cameron, Dawsonville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Patrick Casey, Dawsonville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Jacob Gillette, Dawsonville, Air Conditioning Technology 

William Glaze, Dawsonville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Cort Shelnutt, Dawsonville, Air Conditioning Technology 

Carter Sperrazza, Dawsonville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Christopher Walker, Dawsonville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Bradley Wells, Dawsonville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Elbert County:  

Megan Cawthorn, Bowman, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Katrina Murray, Elberton, Business Technology 

Fannin County:  

Kristen Bell, Blue Ridge, Business Technology 

Claire Cobb, Blue Ridge, Cosmetology 

Taylor Cobb, McCaysville, Cosmetology 

Landon Galloway, Morganton, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Brandi Hughes, Blue Ridge, Business Management 

Michael Hughes, Epworth, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Mackenzie Johnson, Epworth, Cosmetology 

Hannah Nelson, Blue Ridge, Culinary Arts 

Floyd County:  

Davis Johnson, Rome, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

Fannin County:  

William Freeman, Cumming, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Nathaniel Shadburn, Cumming, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Blake Talley, Cumming, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Franklin County:  

Victoria Bentley, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Jhenna Benton, Lavonia, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Jacob Estrada, Lavonia, Culinary Arts 

Ryan Garner, Lavonia, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

James Gibson, Royston, Criminal Justice Technology 

Gavin Jones, Lavonia, Business Management 

Konstantinos Katsaounis, Carnesville, Engineering Technology 

Julie Landrum, Franklin Springs, Culinary Arts 

Tamala LeCroy, Lavonia, Networking Specialist 

Chancelor O’Kelley, Martin, Business Management 

Tonya Payne, Royston, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Chad Reeves, Lavonia, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Allie Royston, Royston, Business Management 

Nikki Shealy, Lavonia, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Hope Tompkins, Carnesville, Agribusiness 

Jasamine Williams, Toccoa, Business Management 

Melody Williams, Toccoa, Small Business Management Specialist Certificate 

Gwinnett County:  

William Watson, Norcross, Air Conditioning Technology 

Habersham County:  

John Beason, Alto, Air Conditioning Technology 

Jackson Bell, Cornelia, Air Conditioning Technology 

David Bryant, Alto, Accounting 

Estefania Camacho, Cornelia, Criminal Justice Technology 

Marshall Cleiman, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Technology 

Daniel Cooper, Cornelia, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Emily Dailey, Clarkesville, Welding Technology 

Anthony Davidson, Alto, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Charles Davis, Demorest, Paramedicine 

Deborah Ferguson, Clarkesville, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Simon Free, Clarkesville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Yoheldry Gonzalez Polanco, Mount Airy, Automotive Collison Mech/Elec Helper 

Anna Hatton, Clarkesville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Ryan Hughes, Demorest, AS Degree in General Studies 

Gage Hurt, Mount Airy, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

Josiah Irvin, Alto, Agribusiness 

Noah Ivester, Clarkesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Ashlee Johnson, Toccoa, Accounting 

Luke Johnson, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Technology 

Drake Knight, Alto, Culinary Arts 

Emily Linz, Cornelia, Business Technology 

Ashley McClellon, Cornelia, Photography 

Jeffrey Miller, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Yamilex Negrete, Alto, Pharmacy Assistant Certificate  

Brennan Newell, Clarkesville, Photography 

Luis Pahuamba Romero, Cornelia, Automotive Collision Repair  

Daniel Pak, Clarkesville, Web Application Development 

Sophia Provitera, Cornelia, Pharmacy Technology 

Samantha Ray, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

James Reed, Mount Airy, Air Conditioning Technology 

Brandy Sackel, Cornelia, Business Management 

Edna Smagur, Clarkesville, Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate  

Jarad Stover, Clarkesville, Paramedicine 

Martin Torres, Cornelia, Air Conditioning Technology 

Tanner Wade, Cornelia, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Tiffany Walker, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Hall County:  

Dawson Carpenter, Gainesville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Cooper Chadwick, Flowery Branch, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Alan Cuevas, Flowery Branch, Air Conditioning Technology 

Hart County:  

Cory Kotal, Hartwell, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Joseph Partain, Hartwell, Air Conditioning Technology  

Carly Rowland, Lavonia, Business Management 

Steven Rowland, Hartwell, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Autumn Strickland, Hartwell, Accounting 

Heard County:  

Kaden Taylor, Franklin, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Jackson County:  

Angela Hooker, Maysville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Liberty County:  

Aiyana Allen, Hinesville, Automotive Refinishing Assistant Certificate 

Lumpkin County:  

Samuel Boswell, Dahlonega, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Trey Grizzle, Dahlonega, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Christen Higgins, Dahlonega, Environmental Technology 

Newton County:  

Jackson Jolley, Mansfield, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Luke Wade, Social Circle, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Oconee County:  

Jeremiah Bigham, Watkinsville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Jacob Emerick, Winder, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

William Watson, Watkinsville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Putnam County:  

Alexa Liles, Eatonton, Criminal Justice Technology 

Rabun County:  

Casey Brown, Tiger, Electrical Systems Technology 

Erica Keener, Lakemont, Paramedicine 

Liliana Ruiz, Clayton, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Joseph Thompson, Tiger, Automotive Collision Mech/Elec Helper 

Vince Williams, Clayton, Heating & AC Install Tech Certificate  

Rockdale County:  

Mason Cagle, Conyers, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Stephens County:  

Jeremiah Allison, Martin, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Tevin Arthur, Toccoa, Air Conditioning Technology 

Matthew Brooks, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Stanley Brotherston, Toccoa, Air Conditioning Technology 

Denise Duncan, Toccoa, Agribusiness 

Kaitlin Fowler, Toccoa, Business Management 

Katelynn Freeman, Toccoa, Business Technology 

Landon Freeman, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Summer Herron, Eastanollee, Business Management  

Brittany Hunt, Toccoa, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Mary Knight, Toccoa, Agribusiness 

Logan Leverett, Toccoa, Welding Technology 

Gillian Mills, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Asher Murley, Toccoa, Electrical Systems Technology 

Dustin Murray, Toccoa, Business Management 

Leah Roper, Toccoa, Business Management 

Hope Smith, Eastanollee, Agribusiness 

TaShaari Speed, Toccoa, Criminal Justice Technology 

Ashley Warden, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Samuel Yearwood, Toccoa, Modern Agriculture 

Towns County:  

Kirsten Ledford, Young Harris, Medical Assisting 

Madison Lovell, Young Harris, Pharmacy Technology 

Rodney Nicholson, Hiawassee, Horticulture 

Amber Taylor, Hiawassee, Shampoo Technician 

Megan Welshhans, Hiawassee, Medical Coding Certificate  

Union County:  

Mary Atkins, Blairsville, Accounting 

Emma Garrison, Blairsville, Practical Nursing 

Anastyne Gibson, Blairsville, Criminal Justice Technology 

Tai King, Blairsville, Shampoo Technician  

Haley Phelps, Blairsville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Shelby Poling, Blairsville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Ashley Tunnell, Blairsville, Payroll Accounting Specialist Certificate 

Walton County:  

Branen Bramblett, Covington, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Nicholas Hatcher, Loganville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

White County:  

Emmad Alkhateeb, Cleveland, Air Conditioning Technology 

Brian Brannon, Cleveland, Networking Specialist 

Kendall Elrod, Cleveland, Hair Designer Certificate 

Kurtis Havlen, Cleveland, Electrical Systems Technology 

Kyrie Jacobs, Cleveland, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Calvin Marks, Cleveland, Automotive Collision Repair 

Kristina Norris, Cleveland, Hair Designer Certificate 

Christy Oliver, Cleveland, Applied Technical Management 

Jana Walker, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Crystal Wolfe, Cleveland, Applied Technical Management  

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