Students Named to NGTC President’s List and Honor Roll for Fall Semester 2022

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Clarkesville, GA – North Georgia Technical College (NGTC) recently announced students named to the President’s List and Honor Roll for fall semester 2022. The President’s List recognizes full-time students with a 4.0 GPA. The Honor Roll recognizes full-time students with a 3.5 GPA. Full-time students are those taking at least 12 credit hours with no developmental courses.  

Students named to the Honor Roll include:  

Barrow County:  

Carter Mixon, Braselton, Paramedicine 

Bartow County:  

Jackson Dyer, Rydal, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Brooks County:  

James Stalvey, Quitman, Networking Specialist 

Cobb County:  

Camden Allen, Acworth, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Geoffrey Miller, Acworth, Tool & Die Specialist Certificate 

Fannin County:  

Jessica Ensley, Epworth, Business Management 

Chris Gaitanoglou, Blue Ridge, Electrical Systems Technology 

Angel Garcia-Palomo, Blue Ridge, Air Conditioning Technology 

Alicia Jarrett, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing 

Hannah Nelson, Blue Ridge, Prep Cook Certificate  

Fayette County:  

Cody Coffee, Peachtree City, Business Management 

Kaden Smith, Peachtree City, AS Degree in General Studies 

Franklin County:  

Andrew Bertrang, Carnesville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

James Busby, Lavonia, Criminal Justice Technology 

Travis Damroze, Royston, EMS Professions 

Christopher Forrer, Carnesville, AS Degree in General Studies 

Courtney Gerstmyer, Lavonia, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Alex Guadarrama, Carnesville, Medical Assisting 

Conner Hill, Royston, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Cory Kotal, Canon, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology 

Renizsia Maxwell, Royston, Criminal Justice Technology 

Nichelle McClure, Carnesville, AS Degree in General Studies 

Alliyah Morrison, Royston, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Stoney Norris, Carnesville, Paramedicine 

Kaylee O’Shields, Commerce, Shampoo Technician 

Skyler Pitts, Lavonia, Automotive Collision Repair 

Ryan Ray, Lavonia, Paramedicine 

Sara Roper, Canon, AS Degree in General Studies 

Aa’Lezra Williams, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Melody Williams, Toccoa, Business Management 

Gwinnett County:  

James Edley, Buford, Registered Nursing 

Jonathan Grizzle, Buford, Early College Essentials Certificate 

Timothy Samuels, Loganville, Culinary Arts 

Habersham County:  

Kasey Allen, Clarkesville, Business Technology 

Brandy Arrowood, Demorest, Networking Specialist 

Kristen Barber, Baldwin, AS Degree in General Studies 

Laura Cabrera Ramos, Clarkesville, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Noah Casey, Clarkesville, Culinary Arts 

Daniel Chastain, Alto, Air Conditioning Technology 

Brenda Cochran, Demorest, Business Management 

Brianna Collins, Cornelia, Shampoo Technician 

Pedro Diaz, Alto, Culinary Arts 

Elijah Greenway, Mount Airy, Photography 

Kaiya Harris, Cornelia, Photography 

Alicia Hendrix, Clarkesville, Pharmacy Technology 

Emily Linz, Cornelia, Business Technology 

Elizabeth Luis, Mount Airy, Networking Specialist 

Diego Martinez, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Technology 

Loretta Mathis, Alto, Applied Technical Management 

Anivar Matias, Mount Airy, Air Conditioning Technology  

Ashlyn McEntyre, Mount Airy, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Gage Medlin, Alto, Agribusiness 

Madison Miller, Demorest, Pharmacy Technology 

Alvaro Mora, Cornelia, Business Technology 

Caden Mosher, Demorest, Electrical Systems Technology  

Cassidy Moye, Baldwin, AS Degree in General Studies 

Martin Pedro Saviola, Cornelia, Business Management 

Jolina Phongsavanh-Kensy, Clarkesville, Business Technology  

Israel Ramirez, Cornelia, Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Technician Certificate  

James Reed, Mount Airy, Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Technician Certificate 

Dylan Rice, Cornelia, Agribusiness 

Jacob Savage, Alto, Automotive Collision Repair  

Hannah Sewell, Mount Airy, AS Degree in General Studies 

Joni Smith, Clarkesville, Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Technician Certificate 

Chloe Tatum, Demorest, AS Degree in General Studies 

Megan Trusty, Clarkesville, Horticulture 

Kaitlyn Unbehant, Demorest, Pharmacy Technology 

Harley Wilbanks, Clarkesville, Hair Designer Certificate 

Nathaniel Williams, Mount Airy, Automotive Technology  

Hall County:  

Cale Bissell, Gainesville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Tate Bissell, Gainesville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Tyvez Bledson, Gainesville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Savannah Magness, Lula, Cosmetology  

Hailey Sailors, Clermont, Hair Designer Certificate 

Itzel Salazar Soto, Gainesville, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Hart County:  

Taylor Ayers, Royston, Hair Designer Certificate 

Stephen Henderson, Hartwell, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Rachael Huber, Hartwell, Criminal Justice Technology  

Chelsey Morales, Hartwell, Photography 

Garrett Stone, Hartwell, Electrical Systems Technology  

Arnold Triplett, Dewy Rose, Paramedicine 

Henry County:  

Hunter Beck, McDonough, Cosmetology  

Tyler Nidiffer, McDonough, Business Management 

Misti White, McDonough, Practical Nursing 

Jackson County:  

Travis Correll, Jefferson, Welding Technology  

Allyson Stephens, Commerce, Practical Nursing 

Lumpkin County:  

Arica Nguyen, Dahlonega, Cosmetology  

Madison County:  

Alexis Martin, Danielsville, Criminal Justice Technology 

Newton County:  

Brandon Crawford, Covington, Pharmacy Technology 

Oconee County:  

Rosemary Hall, Bishop, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Pickens County:  

Carson Lofton, Jasper, Culinary Arts 

Rabun County:  

Gabryella Barnes, Rabun Gap, AS Degree in General Studies 

Aidan Campagna, Clayton, Welding Technology 

Ismael Duran, Clayton, Automotive Collision Repair 

Sutton Jones, Clayton, Automotive Collision Repair 

Emma King, Clayton, Modern Agriculture 

Riley McKay, Tiger, Medical Assisting 

Bailey Morgan, Clayton, EMS Professions 

Dalton Ramey, Clayton, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Adryan Rogers-Coates, Tiger, Business Technology 

Lisset Valdez, Dillard, Business Technology  

Stephens County:  

Kasondra Adams, Toccoa, Business Management 

Whitney Addis, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education Basics Certificate 

Deanna Brooks, Toccoa, Business Management 

Madalyn Davis, Eastanollee, AS Degree in General Studies 

Levi Dodd, Toccoa, Automotive Technology 

Kori Dodgins, Toccoa, Business Management 

Kaitlin Fowler, Toccoa, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Katelynn Freeman, Toccoa, Business Technology  

Kyle Hammons, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Brittany Hipp, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education Basics Certificate  

Makayla Holbrooks, Toccoa, Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate 

Pete Jones, Eastanollee, AS Degree in General Studies 

Jessica Lowery, Toccoa, Agribusiness 

Jack Mayes, Toccoa, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Abel Richardson, Eastanollee, Electrical Systems Technology  

Monicia Roebuck, Toccoa, Business Management 

James Ruff, Toccoa, Electrical Systems Technology  

Cassidy Siggers, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Molly Slate, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Cooper Smith, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Brooke Swift, Martin, Hair Designer Certificate 

Carmen Vidal, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Bradley Westmoreland, Toccoa, Automotive Technology  

Towns County:  

Chawna Chipman Jones, Young Harris, Shampoo Technician 

Sandra Morgan, Hiawassee, Business Technology  

Aneesa Speck, Young Harris, Cosmetology  

Union County:  

Jonah Daniel, Blairsville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Jaceyallen Elliott, Blairsville, AS Degree in General Studies 

Mia Genovese, Blairsville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Julio Hermoso, Blairsville, Residential Wiring Technician Certificate 

Isaiah Hernandez, Blairsville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Jennifer Kanady, Blairsville, Shampoo Technician  

Kayla Lingerfelt, Blairsville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Raquel Mendoza Lopez, Blairsville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Cydney Rich, Blairsville, Shampoo Technician  

Larry Sturges, Blairsville, Accounting 

Walton County:  

Elijah Floyd, Monroe, Electrical Systems Technology  

White County:  

Rhett Anthony, Sautee Nacoochee, Electrical Systems Technology  

Brad Ayonon, Cleveland, Welding Technology  

Connor Blauvelt, Cleveland, AS Degree in General Studies 

Heather Clark, Sautee, Business Management 

Camron Godfrey, Cleveland, Electrical Systems Technology  

Austin Grist, Cleveland, Electrical Systems Technology  

Elliott Hicks, Cleveland, Air Conditioning Technology  

Isabella Tucker, Cleveland, Business Management 

Clay County, North Carolina:  

Jacob Sullivan, Hayesville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Polk County, Tennessee:  

Laney Jory, Turtletown, Interdisciplinary Studies  

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin:  

Gavin Laitinen, Wauwatosa, Networking Specialist  

Students named to the President’s List include:  

Banks County:  

Joseph Angel, Commerce, Automotive Collision Repair 

Hannah Elrod, Carnesville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Roberto Hernandez, Commerce, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Griffeth Rainey, Commerce, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Paden Wood, Baldwin, AS Degree in General Studies 

Chattooga County:  

Daegan Vaughn, Summerville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Cobb County:  

Jason Ervin, Marietta, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

Columbia County:  

Gillian Friedman, Evans, Photography 

Macey Willis, Evans, Photography 

Fannin County:  

Heather Barton, Blue Ridge, Accounting 

Stephanie Boyce Smith, Blue Ridge, Hair Designer Certificate 

Brittany Johnson, Morganton, Accounting 

Ethan Long, Blue Ridge, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Chasity Nicholson, Blue Ridge, Business Management 

Fayette County:  

Connor Cochran, Peachtree City, Photography 

Spencer Utt, Peachtree City, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Forsyth County:  

Lauren Andrews, Cumming, Photography 

Lawrence Leverett, Cumming, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Franklin County:  

Megan Barnes, Carnesville, Business Management 

David Callaway, Carnesville, Business Management 

Tiana Drake, Lavonia, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Lauren Hambrick, Carnesville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Konstantinos Katsaounis, Carnesville, Engineering Technology  

Tamala LeCroy, Lavonia, Computer Forensic & Investigative Specialist Certificate  

Pierce Martin, Carnesville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Taylor Ray, Canon, Business Management 

Ernest Reese, Canon, Paramedicine 

Allie Royston, Royston, Business Management 

Austin Thurmond, Carnesville, Automotive Technology  

Janna Whittaker, Martin, Accounting 

Greene County:  

Cody Stewart, Madison, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Gwinnett County:  

Samantha Collari, Dacula, Photography 

Samuel Mason, Buford, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Anthony Perez, Buford, Air Conditioning Technology  

Devon Williams, Buford, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

Habersham County:  

Makayla Adams, Cornelia, Shampoo Technician  

Sullivan Angel, Clarkesville, Electrical Systems Technology  

Elias Arrendale, Demorest, Photography 

Samuel Arrowood, Demorest, Institutionally Accepted 

Steven Bennett, Demorest, Electrical Systems Technology  

Hayden Bone, Cornelia, Horticulture 

David Bryant, Alto, Accounting 

Anthony Crane, Clarkesville, Commercial Truck Driving Certificate 

Wesley Crumley, Alto, Electrical Systems Technology 

Terah Dyer, Clarkesville, Business Management 

Corey Fern, Clarkesville, Environmental Technology  

Brooke Gabrels, Clarkesville, Environmental Technology  

Michael Gosnell, Clarkesville, Business Management 

Stephanie Hayes, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Richard Hunter, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Technology  

Gabrielle Jones, Demorest, Paramedicine 

Thomas Jordan, Cornelia, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Drake Knight, Alto, Prep Cook Certificate 

Daniel Lee, Clarkesville, Web Application Development 

Shandon Lee, Clarkesville, Automotive Collision Repair 

Adrien Lowther, Mount Airy, Electrical Systems Technology  

Yvonne Marinelli, Demorest, Business Management 

Jailyn McDaniel, Clarkesville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Joseph McNair, Clarkesville, AS Degree in General Studies 

Sonya Medina, Cornelia, Business Technology  

Bulmaro Medina-Ramos, Cornelia, Electrical Systems Technology  

Samuel Monaghan, Clarkesville, Electrical Systems Technology  

Milagros Mora, Cornelia, Pharmacy Technology  

Bryson Moss, Demorest, Culinary Arts 

Christopher Mull, Clarkesville, Web Application Development 

Dayany Negrete, Clarkesville, Shampoo Technician  

Shayla Page, Demorest, Hair Designer Certificate 

Cassie Powers, Demorest, Accounting 

Andrew Rabern, Clarkesville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Samantha Ray, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Brandy Sackel, Cornelia, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Jose Sierra Flores, Cornelia, Automotive Technology  

Ansley Simpson, Baldwin, Early College Essentials Certificate 

Justin Taylor, Clarkesville, Business Technology  

Zachary Taylor, Clarkesville, Photography 

Dylan Truong, Clarkesville, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Dallie Walker, Demorest, Pharmacy Technology  

Tiffany Walker, Toccoa, Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate 

Hall County:  

Ian Golden, Gainesville, Accounting 

Kevin Harper, Oakwood, Commercial Truck Driving Certificate 

Andrew Long, Flowery Branch, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Hart County:  

Valentino DiGiorgio, Hartwell, Horticulture 

David Ellis, Hartwell, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technology  

Rachel Geeter, Hartwell, Criminal Justice Technology  

Roxanna Reeves, Hartwell, Child Development Specialist Certificate 

Brian Roper, Hartwell, Welding Technology  

Tanner Vaughn, Lavonia, AS Degree in General Studies 

Jackson County:  

Angela Hooker, Maysville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Lincoln County:  

Tristan Pia, Lincolnton, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Madison County:  

Samantha Camp, Comer, Culinary Arts 

Muscogee County:  

Lauri Morris, Columbus, Paramedicine 

Oconee County:  

Joshua Palmer, Watkinsville, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Pickens County:  

Kenneth Johnson, Jasper, Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Technician Certificate 

Rabun County:  

Holly Alexander, Clayton, Accounting 

Kessiah Gipson, Tiger, Business Management 

Nichole Laufer, Clayton, Clinical Laboratory Technology  

Mackenzie Stancil, Clayton, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Jennifer Wood, Clayton, Electrical Systems Technology  

Maria Yepez Garcia, Tiger, Pharmacy Technology 

Stephens County:  

Eli Allison, Eastanollee, Business Management 

Abigail Andrews, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Crystal Beecher, Martin, Business Management 

Erin Bladowski, Toccoa, Photography 

Ka’leigha Burke, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education Basics Certificate 

Jace Carey, Toccoa, Business Management 

Sean Ellers, Toccoa, Automotive Technology  

Alissa Foster, Toccoa, Business Management 

Kayse Graham, Toccoa, Business Technology  

Daniel Green, Toccoa, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Karen Kesler, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Roland Loudermilk, Eastanollee, Automotive Technology  

Simon McDonald, Toccoa, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Dustin Murray, Toccoa, Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate 

Heather Palmer, Eastanollee, Practical Nursing 

Brant Roberts, Martin, AS Degree in General Studies 

Kathryn Thomas, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Brooke Welborn, Toccoa, Hair Designer Certificate 

Asia Wilson, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education  

Madison Woody, Toccoa, Cosmetology  

Towns County:  

Desten Belmares, Hiawassee, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Caroline Cameron, Young Harris, Criminal Justice Technology  

Caleb Clark, Young Harris, Air Conditioning Technology  

Collin Crowder, Hiawassee, Electrical Systems Technology  

Victoria Figg, Hiawassee, Cosmetology  

Madison Lovell, Young Harris, Pharmacy Technology  

Tony Lynch, Hiawassee, AS Degree in General Studies 

Alexander Mullins, Hiawassee, Networking Specialist 

Todd Oakes, Hiawassee, Early Childhood Care & Education 

James Smith, Young Harris, Practical Nursing 

Twiggs County:  

Lanise Baer, Macon, Photography 

Union County:  

Mary Atkins, Blairsville, Criminal Justice Technology  

Christy Cook, Morganton, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Cassie Flowers, Blairsville, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Miriam King, Blairsville, Business Management 

Lydia Owenby, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Jordan Swanson, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Walton County:  

Aaron Mauldin, Social Circle, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

Cody Peters, Monroe, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

White County:  

Nathan Boik, Cleveland, Institutionally Accepted 

Brian Brannon, Cleveland, Networking Specialist 

Teresa Burton, Cleveland, Culinary Arts 

Ashton Chencharick, Sautee Nacoochee, Business Management 

Thomas Ciriello, Cleveland, Criminal Justice Technology  

Elijah Crane, Cleveland, Electrical Systems Technology  

Hunter Flores, Cleveland, Automotive Collision Repair 

Caitlin Flowers, Cleveland, Photography 

James Hilton, Cleveland, Criminal Justice Technology  

Cole Houston, Sautee Nacoochee, AS Degree in General Studies 

Kyrie Jacobs, Cleveland, Payroll Accounting Specialist Certificate 

Charissa Kennedy, Cleveland, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Inestila Matias-Andres, Cleveland, Accounting 

Jessalyn Mayo, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Ethan McAvoy, Cleveland, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Caden Pinson, Cleveland, Electrical Systems Technology  

Savana Sweeney, Sautee Nacoochee, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Spencer Turley, Cleveland, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Carolyn Tyler, Cleveland, Cosmetology  

Jana Walker, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Whitfield County:  

Jackson Dishman, Dalton, Electrical Lineworker Certificate 

Lee County, Alabama:  

Jimmy Rivera, Phenix City, Electrical Lineworker Certificate  

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