Students Named to NGTC President’s List and Honor Roll for Spring Semester 2021

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Clarkesville, GA — North Georgia Technical College recently announced students named to the Honor Roll and President’s List for spring semester 2021. The Honor Roll recognizes full-time students with a 3.5 GPA. The President’s List recognizes full-time students with a 4.0 GPA. Full-time students are those taking at least 12 credit hours with no developmental courses.

Students named to the Honor Roll include: 

Banks County: 

Samuel Fesperman, Homer, Automotive Technology 

Matthew Frady, Homer, CNC Technology 

Kayla Keller, Alto, Medical Assisting 

William Redding, Alto, Culinary Arts 

Clarke County: 

Riza Redosendo, Athens, Clinical Lab Technology  

Clayton County: 

Jessica Duran, Clayton, Business Technology  

Dekalb County: 

Griffin McVeigh, Atlanta, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Sally Woerner, Dunwoody, Web Application Development  

Elbert County: 

Brooke Ames, Elberton, Digital Photography 

Megan,Cawthorn, Bowman, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Ashley Heard, Elberton, Medical Assisting 

Fannin County: 

Michele Andrews, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing  

Ian Baugh, Blue Ridge, Electrical Systems Tech 

Brittany Beaver, Morganton, Practical Nursing 

Jennifer Holoman, Mineral Bluff, Practical Nursing  

Morgan Mull, Blue Ridge, Cosmetology 

Cody Raper, Morganton, Criminal Justice Tech 

Eric Sergent, Blue Ridge, Interdisciplinary Studies 

AllisonTeems, McCaysville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Franklin County: 

Karley Franks, Carnesville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Katie Goins, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Garrett Hart, Carnesville, Agribusiness  

John Lane, Lavonia, AS Degree in General Studies 

Jeanna Merilien, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Hailey Moss, Lavonia, Business Management 

Ashlyn Myers, Royston, Medical Assisting 

Andrew O’Barr, Martin, Agribusiness 

Jeremiah Oliver, Carnesville, Heating & AC Install Tech 

Nikki Shealy, Lavonia, Business Management  

Tyler Smith, Lavonia, Business Management Diploma 

Conner Speed, Carnesville, Air Conditioning Tech 

Gilmer County: 

Chelsie Reed, Ellijay, Business Management 

Habersham County: 

Mason Allison, Mount Airy, Engineering Technology 

Jackson Bell, Cornelia, Air Conditioning Tech 

Brett Browner, Baldwin, Engineering Technology 

Justin Dalton, Cornelia, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Tech 

Daisy Dyer, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Jessica Eash, Clarkesville, Photography 

Madelyn Fry, Mount Airy, Hair Designer Certificate 

Yoheldry Gonzalez Polanco, Mount Airy, Auto Collision Repair 

Cassidy Hansard, Cornelia, Business Management 

Sammy Jo Henderson, Clarkesville, Interdisciplinary Studies  

Joshua Hernandez, Cornelia, Criminal Justice Tech 

Madison Jones, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Sheba Key, Mount Airy, Medical Assisting 

Lauren King, Alto, Practical Nursing 

John Lane, Demorest, Environmental Technology 

Kellan Lee, Demorest, Criminal Justice Tech 

Amanda Luders, Mount Airy, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Bryant Marcus, Mount Airy, AS Degree in General Studies 

Samuel Mares, Clarkesville, Residential Wiring Tech 

Katelyn McCoy, Mount Airy, Welding Technology 

Kaleb Molter, Whittier, Automotive Technology Degree 

Yamilex Negrete, Cornelia, Pharmacy Technology 

Jaqueline Ramirez, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Dario Rico, Mount Airy, Engineering Technology 

Jordan Wade, Mount Airy, EMS Professions 

Tiffany Walker, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Joshua Ward, Toccoa, EMS Professions 

Contessa Williams, Cornelia, Criminal Justice 

Chelsey Worley, Clarkesville, Management 

Hall County: 

Anthony Cannon, Gainesville, Criminal Justice 

Caden Cowburn, Murrayville, AS Degree in General Studies 

Hart County: 

Samantha Alewine, Hartwell, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Jobie Blackmon, Canon, Culinary Arts  

Mydrick Dubose, Hartwell, Automotive Technology  

Derrick Harper, Hartwell, Business Management  

Kimberly Sayer, Hartwell, Practical Nursing 

Chad Tichy, Hartwell, Networking Specialist 

Lakeisha Wilkins, Hartwell, Business Management 

Henry County: 

Shawn Baltzell, Jackson, Environmental Technology 

Jackson County: 

Ethan Simpson, Maysville, Criminal Justice 

Liberty County: 

Roberta Olsen, Hinesville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Lumpkin County: 

James Caldwell, Dahlonega, Electrical Lineworker 

Misty Ellis, Murrayville, Management 

Rabun County: 

Chad Allen, Lakemont, Air Conditioning Tech 

Parker Alley, Lakemont, Horticulture  

Rebecca Cofield, Lakemont, Shampoo Technician 

Jacob Jenkins, Lakemont, AS Degree in General Studies 

Krista Jordan, Wiley, AS Degree in General Studies 

Joseph Watson, Rabun Gap, Welding Technology 

Ansley Watts, Clayton, Business Management 

Larry Wilkerson, Clayton, Practical Nursing 

Stephens County: 

Keith Bohannon, Eastanollee, Horticulture 

Ashley Bolemon, Toccoa, Early Childhood and Education 

Debbie Bragg, Toccoa, Clinical Lab Technology 

Alexis Castaneda, Eastanollee, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Christopher Craft, Toccoa, Automotive Technology 

Natalie Crane, Toccoa, Business Management 

Brinna Docsol, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Sergio Escanuela, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Kaitlyn Hicks, Toccoa, Business Management 

Makayla Holbrooks, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Brittany Hunt, Toccoa, Business Management  

Braz Looney, Martin, Tool & Die Specialist 

Nelida Rivera-Salinas, Martin, PC Repair & Network Tech  

Janaria Smith, Toccoa, Health Care Assistant Cert 

Alexander Watkins, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Shonna White, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Xavier White, Toccoa, Automotive Technology 

Polk County, Tennessee: 

Amanda Hyatt, Turtletown, Tennessee, Registered Nursing (RN) 

Towns County: 

Adelle Arrowood, Hiawassee, Management 

Rachel Barnard, Young Harris, Practical Nursing 

Kerri Bradshaw, Hiawassee, Agribusiness 

Kaitlyn Crowder, Hiawassee, Accounting 

Emily Davis, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing 

Union County: 

Nathanael, Allison, Blairsville, Technical Specialist 

Megan Bright, Blairsville, Cosmetology 

Jonathan Engle, Blairsville, Air Conditioning Tech 

John Fortenberry, Blairsville, Paramedicine 

Anastyne Gibson, Blairsville, Criminal Justice 

Floyd Heimann, Blairsville, Business Management 

Cynthia Hester, Blairsville, Cosmetology 

Brittany Loftis, Blairsville, Accounting 

Kiara Martin, Blairsville, Cosmetology 

Ashly Mendoza-Martinez, Young Harris, Cosmetology 

Skylar Miller, Blairsville, Cosmetology 

ChristineQ ueen, Blairsville, Business Management 

Deland Ruff, Blairsville, Criminal Justice 

Nathan Strom, Blairsville, Residential Wiring Tech 

Allyson Strossner, Blairsville, Cosmetology  

Brandon Vidrine, Blairsville, Medical Assisting  

Jessica Woolley, Blairsville, Practical Nursing  

White County: 

Angel Bowen, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Evan Cantrell, Cleveland, Agribusiness 

Kendall Elrod, Cleveland, Cosmetology 

Erin Hilt, Cleveland, Criminal Justice 

Noah Johnson, Cleveland, Precision Machining & Manufacturing 

Whitley Moss, Cleveland, Practical Nursing 

Ansleigh Patterson, Cleveland, Cosmetology 

Austin Payne, Cleveland, Air Conditioning Tech 

Aubrey Smith, Helen, Practical Nursing 

Dillon Wilson, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Crystal Wolfe, Cleveland, Cosmetology 

Students named to the President’s List by county include: 

Banks County: 

Zoie Boling, Homer, Agribusiness 

KayleeCain, Maysville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Adam Cochran, Homer, CNC Technology 

Jacob Lehotsky, Homer, Electrical Lineworker 

Davis White, Baldwin, Photography  

Paden Wood, Baldwin, Engineering Technology  

Carroll County

Carson Carroll, Roopville, Electrical Lineworker 

Daniel Gibbs, Bowdon, Electrical Lineworker  

Kalob Lovvorn, Carrollton, Electrical Lineworker  

Brystol Phillips, Villa Rica, Electrical Lineworker 

William Raymond, Carrollton, Electrical Lineworker 

Chatham County: 

Syara White, Savannah, Photography 

Cherokee County: 

Michael Sullivan, Cumming, CNC Technology 

Clarke County: 

Graham Ferreira, Athens, Electrical Lineworker 

Devan Ferreira, Athens, Electrical Lineworker 

Lewis Kilby, Athens, Business Management 

Andrew Strus, Athens, Clinical Lab Technology 

Cobb County: 

Geoffrey Miller, Acworth, CNC Technology 

Columbia County: 

Jarrod Coffey Martinez, Columbia, Photography 

Dawson County: 

Jacob Gillette, Dawsonville, Air Conditioning Tech 

Dekalb County: 

Joel Nava, Lithonia, Auto Collision Repair 

Fannin County: 

Heather Barber, Morganton, Business Technology Dipl 

Elizabeth Campbell, Blue Ridge, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Trista Chancey, Morganton, Practical Nursing  

Claire Cobb, Blue Ridge, Cosmetology 

Taylor Fair, Morganton, Modern Agriculture Degree 

Becca Geisler, Mineral Bluff, Practical Nursing 

Donald Gibbs, Mineral Bluff, Electrical Lineworker 

Ashley Lopez, Blue Ridge, Medical Assisting  

Colten Myers, Blue Ridge, Electrical Lineworker  

Russell Patterson, Blue Ridge, Practical Nursing  

Lucas Patterson, Mccaysville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Joseph Sisson, Morganton, Electrical Lineworker  

Jackson Weeks, Blue Ridge, Electrical Lineworker 

Dade County, Florida 

Dawn McCall, Miami Beach, Florida, Culinary Arts 

Forsyth County: 

Kimberly Cesario, Gainesville, Practical Nursing 

Andrew Johnston, Cumming, Electrical Lineworker 

Franklin County: 

Dalton Duke, Lavonia, Electrical Lineworker 

Jacob Estrada, Lavonia, Culinary Arts 

Trisha Greemon, Canon, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Callie Hanley, Carnesville, AS Degree in General Studies 

Monica Hardy, Carnesville, Criminal Justice Tech 

Latoya Johnson, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Alyssa Kilgore, Lavonia, Business Management 

Myeia Mayfield, Lavonia, Business Management 

Lacey Simms, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Abigail Souderes, Carnesville, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Gilmer County: 

Kathryn Kile, Ellijay, Paramedicine 

Gwinnett County: 

William Watson, Norcross, Air Conditioning Tech 

Habersham County: 

Miriam Aguirre, Demorest, Auto Refinishing 

Sharon Bailey, Toccoa, Horticulture 

John Beason, Alto, Air Conditioning Tech 

Jason Cantrell, Clarkesville, Air Conditioning Tech 

Gina Canup, Clarkesville, Pharmacy Technology 

Kayla Grogan, Alto, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Jennifer Harris, Cornelia, Accounting 

Taiya Harris, Alto, Practical Nursing 

Pyper Holloway, Mount Airy, Practical Nursing 

Josiah Irvin, Alto, Agribusiness 

Noah Ivester, Clarkesville, Advanced Manufacturing Systems 

Asher Maurer, Demorest, Practical Nursing 

Jeffrey Miller, Cornelia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Shiliah Mull, Clarkesville, Practical Nursing 

Francisco Olivares-Tehandon, Cornelia, Electrical Systems 

Luke Owens, Clarkesville, Electrical Lineworker 

Yessica Paramo, Alto, Air Conditioning Tech 

Michelle Patterson, Demorest, Accounting 

Marvin Ramey, Demorest, Welding Technology 

Deanna Virgen, Demorest, Accounting 

Joshua Wade, Mount Airy, Early Childhood Care & Education 

John Weidner, Demorest, Horticulture 

Curtis Wertz, Clarkesville, Electrical Systems Tech 

Hall County: 

NicholasCollins, Oakwood, Electrical Lineworker 

Katie Conner, Clermont, Medical Assisting 

Kristin Crowe, Gainesville, Medical Assisting 

Mary Novobilski, Dahlonega, Clinical Lab 

Tyrus Smith, Gainesville, Air Conditioning Tech 

Logan West, Murrayville, Electrical Systems Tech 

Hart County: 

Johnny Barrientos Valle, Royston, Electrical Lineworker 

Ciridany Genchi Cortez, Lavonia, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Balin Jones, Hartwell, Air Conditioning Tech 

Justin Seymour, Hartwell, Electrical Lineworker 

Heard County: 

Jake Harrod, Franklin, Electrical Lineworker 

Caden Raines, Franklin, Electrical Lineworker 

Henry County: 

Chase Holder, Stockbridge, Electrical Lineworker  

Jackson County: 

Christopher Davis, Braselton, Electrical Lineworker 

Jacob Hyder, Braselton, Electrical Lineworker 

Richard McDonald, Hoschton, Electrical Lineworker 

Jasper County: 

Kyle Smith, Covington, Electrical Lineworker 

Liberty County: 

Aiyana Allen, Hinesville, Auto Collision Repair 

Lumpkin County: 

Joseph Anderson, Dahlonega, Tool & Die Specialist 

William Brooksher, Dahlonega, Electrical Lineworker 

Hannah Greenway, Murrayville, Business Technology 

Madison County: 

Jenifer Gillespie, Danielsville, Practical Nursing 

Newton County: 

Christopher Barfield, Covington, Electrical Lineworker 

Logan Brake, Covington, Electrical Lineworker 

Gunner Jackson, Covington, Electrical Lineworker 

Oconee County: 

Jason Hargrove, Athens, Networking Specialist 

Thomas Henson, Watkinsville, Electrical Lineworker 

Paulding County: 

Hannah Jones, Rockmart, Photography 

Rabun County: 

Victoria Espitia, Tiger, Cosmetology  

Katlin Gragg, Tiger, Business Technology 

Emma Orlinski, Clayton, Criminal Justice 

Savannah Sanchez, Tiger, Photography 

Joseph Thompson, Tiger, Auto Collision Repair 

Vince Williams, Tiger, Air Conditioning Tech 

Kelly Yasterzemski, Dillard, Admin Support Assistant 

Richmond County: 

Andrew King, Hephzibah, Modern Agriculture 

Rockdale County: 

Bryce Matthews, Conyers, Air Conditioning Tech  

Stephens County: 

Andrew Allen, Toccoa, Business Management  

Tevin Arthur, Toccoa, Air Conditioning Tech 

Taylor Bortz, Martin, Criminal Justice 

Jennifer Findley, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Matthew Fisher, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems 

Summer Herron, Eastanollee, Business Management 

Kole Kelley, Toccoa, Agribusiness 

Mary Knight, Toccoa, Agribusiness 

Ryan McCollum, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Christina McFarlin-Woodham, Toccoa, Medical Assisting 

Gillian Mills, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Dustin Murray, Toccoa, Business Management 

Leah Roper, Toccoa, Business Management 

Maritza Salinas-Rivera, Martin, Business Technology 

Hope Smith, Eastanollee, Stephens, Agribusiness 

Jackie Teater, Toccoa, Advanced Manufacturing Systems 

Sarah Welborn, Toccoa, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Townshend White, Toccoa, AS Degree in General Studies 

Alyssa Williams, Toccoa, Practical Nursing 

Towns County: 

Jessica Beck, Hiawassee, Practical Nursing 

Harley Harger, Young Harris, Culinary Arts 

Hope Lindsey, Hiawassee, Cosmetology 

Amber Taylor, Hiawassee, Cosmetology 

Rebecca Wecer, Hiawassee, Medical Assisting 

Union County: 

Mary Atkins, Blairsville, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Trinity Brown, Blairsville, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Katie Cassell, Blairsville, Management 

Connie Crawford, Blairsville, Accounting 

Tai King, Blairsville, Cosmetology 

Marion Perry, Blairsville, Criminal Justice 

David Rogers, Blairsville, Air Conditioning Tech 

Sean Rowan, Blairsville, Medical Assisting 

Walton County: 

Hudson Allgood, Covington, Electrical Lineworker  

Ryan Franklin, Monroe, Electrical Lineworker  

Andrew Quint, Monroe, Electrical Lineworker  

Evan Rabeneck, Loganville, Engineering Technology  

White County: 

Emmad Alkhateeb, Cleveland, Air Conditioning Tec 

Raquel Berghoefer, Cleveland, Medical Assisting 

Kiersten Christlieb, Sautee Nacoochee, Web App Development 

Alexis Furnas, Cleveland, Early Childhood Care & Education 

Alexandra Lubky, Cleveland, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Justin McCallister, Cleveland, Electrical Lineworker 

Branka Metz, Cleveland, Culinary Arts 

Kristina Norris, Cleveland, Cosmetology 

Christy Oliver, Cleveland, Cosmetology 

Dawson Roberts, Cleveland, Environmental Technology 

Deanna Schmidt, Cleveland, Business Technology 

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